Adopt a Panda!

Adopt a Panda!

Adopting a panda is a fun and easy way to have a direct impact on the daily life and care of our beloved pandas. While it is a symbolic adoption, your panda adoption is still a personal choice. You may have a specific panda in mind to adopt, or you can select from the many adults and cubs available for adoption. They all need to be taken care of and loved! If you know the name of the panda you’d like to adopt but don’t see him or her listed here, just send us an email!

Remember, adoptions are also a great gift for the panda or wildlife lover in your life, while giving back to the pandas, too!

How your adoption helps save pandas:

The cost to care for a panda for one year is approximately $10,000. Your symbolic adoption provides critical funds for the pandas at the Wolong and Bifengxia Panda Reserves. Your adoption covers the cost of veterinary care, medicine and vitamins, the pandas’ daily meals (panda bread, carrots, apples, and lots of bamboo!) and the cost of the pandas’ caretaker staff. It is a wonderful way to give your panda everything he or she needs to thrive!

Your adoption money is sent to the Panda Reserve to care for all of the pandas!

Adoption Levels

To learn even more about each adoption level or to Adopt a Panda today, visit the links to below.

Benefits included at every Adoption Level:

  • Personalized Adoption Certificate
  • Save the Panda Poster
  • Pandas International Pin
  • Panda Bookmark
  • Periodic Newsletters
  • Opportunity to give your panda a nickname
  • Periodic updates and photos of your panda from the Wolong Panda Club
  • Special adopter news from the Wolong Panda Club

Benefits Given to all our Adopters at the Panda Reserve by the Wolong Panda Club:

  • Your name and panda’s name listed in the Wolong Panda Club book
  • Free admission to the Wolong or Bifengxia Panda Reserves
  • Free photo with a panda in the Panda Kindergarten during your adoption year

Shared Adoption Level - $1000/$800

Ning Ning

Individual Adoption Level - $10k/$8k

Xiang Lin

Lifetime Adoption Level - $80k

Jin Ke

Do you have a question about adopting a panda?

Please email Andrea Muller

Assistant Director/Adoption Coordinator


To adopt a new panda or renew your adoption please choose which type of adoption you would like above (Shared, Individual, or Lifetime).  Once your adoption donation is confirmed we will contact you within 3-5 business days.  Questions?  Please contact us at or 303-933-2365.