Aaron Raises Over $500!

Our son Aaron chose the Giant Panda for his first grade animal research project.  We fell in love while watching videos of pandas playing and decided we needed to see them in real life.  We visited the San Diego Zoo for spring break.  While in town, we saw a group of tourists wearing Pandas International pins and t-shirts.  We researched your foundation when we came home from California.

Aaron decided that the pandas needed help more than he needed toys, so he asked for friends to bring donations instead of presents to his 7th birthday Star Wars party.  Aaron made his own decorations for the collection basket – the panda is holding a light saber not bamboo!   He collected $510 at the party and added another $26.50 from his own piggy bank.

We are so proud of our friends, neighbors, and son!  We look forward to hosting another party fundraiser next June!

Thank you to Aaron, his family and all of their wonderful friends for helping to save the Giant Pandas. We are very grateful for your generous support.