Aden Uses Go Fund Me to Help the Pandas

Nine year old Aden was given a challenge by his 4th grade teacher.  She presented each student with $2 and a task to make a change in the world with their $2.  Aden decided that he would start a Go Fund Me account, add his $2 contribution and encourage others to do the same.  He ended up raising over $600.  After processing fees from Go Fund Me, a check in the about of $570 was mailed to Aden and we in turn donated the money to Pandas International.  Here is what Aden wrote on the Go Fund Me page:

My name is Aden and I am nine years old.  My teacher challenged my whole class to help change the world in a certain way. I have chosen to work on helping the giant panda because they are an endangered species and there is only about 2000 pandas left in the world!!!!! Can you imagine the world without the giant panda?  I have always had a love for pandas. I started to adore them when I went to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. If we don’t help the wild panda now we might not be able to help them later. The money you donate will go to Pandas International to help the preservation and research of the giant panda. My goal is to raise $200 will you please help the giant panda by donating?

Thank you, Aden – YOU made a difference!