Aiden Raises $458!

Aiden turned 8 yrs old on April 9. Aiden has many gifts and one of those gifts is Autism. His autism allows him to focus on certain things with great interest and one of those things for him are Panda’s! Aiden loves learning about everything Panda! This year for his birthday he has asked that he not receive gifts but donations to help protect his beloved Panda’s. One day we will make to it to China for Aiden to study and visit with Pandas in their natural habitat. Thank you for all that you do to protect and educate about these amazing animals!

Through Aiden’s birthday party he was able to raise $458!  These donations will help to purchase almost 16 pounds of formula to help feed the cubs and elderly pandas at the panda centers in China!  Thank you Aiden for caring so much about the Pandas and for making such a big difference.