Ally Celebrates her Bat Mitzvah

For Ally’s Bat Mitzvah project she decided to both educate and raise funds for the Giant Panda Bears and donate to Pandas International.  She used PI’s website to read about these Pandas and the complicated reasons they are vulnerable to becoming extinct.  Ally created a “fact sheet” with the information she learned and used this in various settings to help raise awareness in others.  In addition to setting up a GoFundMe account, Ally did a few “Table Sales” where she sold wristbands and panda cookies, had a small Panda Birthday Party where they made lucky bamboo pots and watched the documentary “Pandas”, and provided leadership in her Junior High Student Counsel at The Cove School where they did a “Pennies for Pandas” project. The kids at Cove School loved to learn about and help the Pandas, and it was a great experience for all involved, especially Ally.  In total Ally raised $981 for Panda’s International!

Ally will have the chance to go to China this winter and pick out a panda for a symbolic adoption. We are amazed at how kind, generous and dedicated Ally is! Thank you Ally for your amazing support.