And now…The Pandas of Old Leopard Mountain and the Overseas Born Area

China, November 2013 – Travel Notes

After leaving White Bear Plains, we made our way over to Old Leopard Mountain, which is also known as the Overseas Born pandas area (although pandas who are not overseas born still reside in the area).  The visit to this area introduced us to Lin Bing (just a couple of days out of quarantine), Fu Wa, Shu Qin, Yuan Yuan, Wu Gang, Le Sheng, and Yao Xin.


Lin Bing was born on 27 May 2009 at the Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand to Lin Hui and Chuang Chuan.  She was the first giant panda born in Thailand (they are expecting another any day).  Lin Bing had just recently been returned from Thailand when we visited Bifengxia.  In fact, she had only been out of quarantine and in her new enclosure for a few days when we arrived.  The famous panda, known as Lin Ping in Thailand where she was born, has been returned to the base to find a mate.  During our visit, Lin Bing was very active and appeared to have acclimated well to her new home.  We featured an adopter’s story about Lin Bing a few weeks ago.

Fu Wa was born on 23 August 2006.  His mother is Long Xin and his father is Lu Lu.  Fu Wa was one of 8 pandas chosen to represent Wolong at the Beijing 2008 Olympics.  After the Olympics, he was sent to live in Wenling before returning to Bifengxia. In June 2012, it was announced that Fu Wa would be one of two pandas chosen to go to Malaysia as part of the 10-year giant panda loan agreement.  His departure date is yet to be determined as the new exhibit is being completed in Malaysia.  He happily posed for us as he munched on his bamboo.


Shu Qin was born 26 August 2009 to Ying Ying and Lu Lu.  Both of her parents are wild born.  She’s a big girl and has her Daddy’s eye patches.

Wu Gang is a male panda rescued from near Baoxing around May 2000.  He has fathered a number of cubs including Feng Yi, Wu Jun, Wu Jie (Singapore’s Kai Kai), Yun Hui, Xiang Ge and Yun Duo.  He was peacefully munching on his breakfast as we watched.


Le Sheng is a beautiful female born on 10 August 2000.  Her mother is Fei Fei and her father is wild-bon Lo Lo.  Taking it even further back, her grandmother is Yong Ba and her grandfather is Pan Pan.  Le Sheng’s siblings include Feng Yi, Ao Yun and Fei Yun.  Shen Bin is her daughter.  Le Sheng was in an enclosure that is not very accessible so getting a photo of her was a challenge, but we managed to get one of her peeking from around a tree.

Yuan Yuan lives in a very secluded enclosure in Old Leopard Mountain so we weren’t able to get photos.

Yao Xin was born 27 September 2009.  Her mother is Guo Guo and her father is Lu Lu.   Yao Man is her twin.  Yao Xin was also in an enclosure where we couldn’t get any photos.


Thank you, again, to Chet Chin for your vast knowledge of panda genealogy and history.  We appreciate all of your help so very much!