Ava for President – and Panda Paintings!

AVA FOR PRESIDENT! Ava has officially announced her candidacy  for United States President in 2056. In doing so, she also set up a Go Fund Me Account where she created one of a kind panda paintings and drawings for donors.

Ava’s words:

In order to prepare herself to be a qualified president, Ava has decided to solve some of the world’s worst problems. One of the problems she would like to help solve is the possible extinction of her favorite animal…panda bears!

Giant pandas are currently classified on IUCN’s Red List as an endangered species. One the main reasons that pandas have become endangered is habitat destruction. As the population in China continues to grow, pandas’ habitat gets taken over by development, pushing them into smaller and less livable areas.The best scientific estimates indicate that there are less than 2,200 Giant Pandas remaining in the world today.

In order to help save the Pandas, Ava has drawn exclusive, one of a kind, painting and drawings of pandas.

Ava raised over $1,300 and with her donation, Ava adopted Su Shan and nicknamed her Bamboo.  Way to Go, Ava!