Awards and the Opening of a Panda Culture Museum

Panda Culture Conference

One main purpose of this trip was for Suzanne to attend the Panda Culture Conference and the Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for the new Museum of Art for Ecology & Calligraphy for the Panda.

Suzanne along with many prominent Chinese artists, authors, and calligraphers spoke at the conference regarding their interest in and love for the panda and how various disciplines could work together for Conservation efforts to help save the pandas.

The conference was hosted by the State Forestry Department of China, China Wildlife Association (CWCA), China Green Foundation Artist Ecological Society and China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP).

Suzanne was recognized for her work with the pandas and received an Honor Certificate saying:

“Suzanne Braden- We appreciate to Pandas International presented by you for your long-term caring and supporting of the giant panda conservation career.  Expressly award Mrs. Suzanne Braden the “Giant Pandas International Caring People Outstanding Contribution Award”, presented by CWCA and CCRCGP

Museum of Art for Ecology & Calligraphy for the Panda

Many local officials, Forestry Service officers and national media attended the opening ribbon cutting ceremony for the Museum of Art for Ecology & Calligraphy for the Panda. The Museum is dedicated to art and calligraphy focused on pandas.

Pandas International Award