Ben, Parker and Rachel Help the Pandas

Ben age 11, Parker age 11, and Rachel age 12 all live in Glenelg, MD.  They have always had a huge love for Pandas.  Last year for Halloween, Parker and Ben (who have been the best of friends since Kindergarten) dressed up as Pandas. When their orchestra instructor found out they had Panda costumes, she invited them to wear them for the winter concert.

Ben and Parker acted on stage like Pandas, eating bamboo and doing a little skit as the orchestra performed a piece called Pandas.  It was so much fun!! A few months later, Ben’s sister Rachel, Ben and Parker all decided to go raise money for the Pandas.  They collected a little over $53 dollars each (a total of $160) and donated it to Pandas International.

Thank you Ben, Parker and Rachel for helping the Pandas.

orchestra concert
Ben and Parker