Bend International School Helps the Giant Pandas

Students from Bend International School help raise money for the Pandas.  Donations from Bend came from two sources.  Read their stories below!

Hi my name is Orion.  I decided to have my friends bring donations for pennies for pandas instead of presents for my birthday party.  I believe that living animals are more important than presents.  I raised $112.77 for the pandas!

Here is our classroom story:

We are the 2nd and 3rd graders at a new public charter school called Bend International School.  We do four integrated units every year.  These units are project based learning and part of the goal of this learning is to find a need in the world and work to improve it.  While studying the country of China this winter, we discovered the needs of the panda and we began a penny drive requesting donations.  We were able to raise $239.74 total as a school including Orion’s donations!

Thank you Orion and Bend International School!