Aaron Helps the Pandas for a 5th Year

Aaron Helps the Pandas for a 5th Year

We knew this year's 11th birthday celebration would be unlike any other due to the pandemic;  however, two things remained constant.  One was our son's love of giant pandas - he asked for donations instead of gifts again this year.  The second was the kindness of our friends and family.  Thanks to their generosity, Aaron's five year fundraising total surpassed $2000.  He also received a wonderful surprise after winning the Pandas International donation raffle - a 4 week old baby panda plush arrived just in time for Aaron's actual birthday! Thank you Aaron for your endless support for the giant pandas.

Lyra Robinson Helps the Pandas

Lyra Robinson had her 11th birthday on February 12. It was at the Bronx Zoo! Lyra invited 4 friends, along with her twin sister, Ripley. In the picture above, Lyra is the one wearing the panda sweater, and her sister has the sunglasses. Instead of spending money on gifts, she asked her guests to donate that money to Pandas International. Lyra’s party guests raised $65. But in terms of her whole birthday, they raised $174.53 for the pandas! Thank you Lyra and friends for helping the Pandas.

Karin Helps the Pandas

After an amazing opportunity getting to interact  with a panda in China last year, my daughter, Karin, decided to dedicate her 7th birthday party to Pandas International. Instead of receiving gifts, she asked for donations for your organization. She received $219 in donations and was able to spread the word about saving the pandas. Thank you Karin for helping the Giant Pandas.

Emma Helps the Pandas for 3 Years in a Row

For the third year in a row, Emma has created her own shop to sell goods in order to raise money to help save pandas. Featured in this year's shop were homemade confetti cupcakes, decorated to look like pandas, and a comic book about Super Panda, written and illustrated by Emma. Emma's passion for pandas goes back several years and has only intensified since seeing pandas at the National Zoo, and feeding them at Zoo Atlanta. Emma hopes to visit China when she is a little older, and her dream is to hold a baby panda. Emma raised almost $400. Thank you for your continued dedication to helping save the giant panda.

California Girls help to Save the Pandas!

Two best friends, 3rd graders Piper (8 years old)  and Riley (9 years old) participated in their school's annual Kindness Awareness Day to raise money for Pandas International and were able to donate $118 after just one day! After reading Xander's Panda Party by Linda Sue Park and learning the unreal news that at the time of the book's publication there were only about 1000 living Giant Pandas, Piper knew she had to help support the panda population.  Riley, a life-long panda lover jumped in to help save the day! Riley and Piper worked hard making signs, posters, clay pandas, and pandas made from pipe cleaners to sell on the big day.  Piper and Riley are super excited to donate money to Pandas International and become panda protectors, a very important job indeed. Thank you Piper and Riley for your dedication and help for the Giant Pandas.

Nora and Penny Help the Pandas

Six-year-olds Nora and Penny held a lemonade stand in their neighborhood to raise money for Pandas International and were able to donate $50 after just one day! Nora became interested in Giant Pandas after reading Magic Tree House: A Perfect Time for Pandas and realizing that the earthquake in 2008 was real, as is the ongoing need for money and resources to support the panda population. Nora and Penny planned their lemonade stand during recess within the first couple weeks of first grade. They made signs, made lemonade, and enthusiastically got attention of passersby. Nora and Penny are excited to donate money to Pandas International because "pandas are endangered and we need to help them... and they're SO cute!" Thank you Nora and Penny for your dedication and support!

Julia Hosts a Lemonade Stand

My name is Julia and I'm 10 years old. I made a lemonade stand to help save the Pandas. I live in California and in May the weather is hot. I love pandas and I really wanted to make a lemonade stand to help save the pandas so I started planning what to do. Once everything was planned out, I chose a spot to do it and me and my family set it up. I was waiting for a customer and I always said to my brother “get ready we have a customer!” as a car went by. But then a car stopped and a man stepped out and he got 1 lemonade. As the time passed by we got a few more customers and I got more money. Once I was done I counted up the money. We made $24 from the lemonade stand and my mom donated $26 to go with the $24. So we have $50 to donate to the pandas. Thank you Julia for helping the Pandas.

Aaron Raises Donations For the 3rd Year in a Row

Aaron picked Giant Pandas for a first grade research project then asked for donations instead of gifts at his last three birthday parties. We surprised him for his 10th birthday with a Star Wars themed party at the local movie theater.  Thanks to the ongoing generosity of friends and family, he collected another $350 this year, raising over $1750 since June 2016 for Pandas International. Thank you Aaron for your continued dedication to helping the Giant Pandas.

Taylor-Austyn & Third-Grade Friends Save the Pandas

Taylor-Austyn read a book about how the Pandas were becoming an endangered species this past winter, we later found out that they are now considered Vulnerable, and she decided she needed to help! She asked her Mommy to find a way to help "Save the Pandas" and that's when she discovered she could collect pennies 4 Pandas! She helped print off labels and helped create jars to set around in family members work places,  she then asked her mommy to reach out to our Facebook friends and that's when her amazing teacher, Ms. Haley Owens, caught wind of the idea! She asked if Taylor-Austyn would want to involve her class and ask for their assistance! Taylor-Austyn was thrilled to involve her friends and have a Panda Party Celebration towards the end of the school year this month! Her school, Canaan Community Academy, even set a donation jar at the front office and we were and still are so proud to be surrounded by individuals who make it their goal to support the dreams of a little girl wanting to save this beautiful species! Taylor-Austyn's personal goal was to raise $50 and her classroom goal was $100, they both exceeded their goal and raised $160.61!

Cecily Helps the Pandas

Pandas have been my daughter Cecily's favorite animal since her first birthday when she was gifted a panda stuffed animal. My son was starting a project to help koalas, and she wanted to join in to help pandas! So, we brainstormed a bunch of ideas, and finally decided that she could sew some panda stuffed animals and sell them to raise money. She has worked her little heart out on this project, and managed to raise $200 for pandas! And she's still going! Thank you Cecily for your creativeness and dedication to help the Giant Pandas.