The Village School Continues Adoption of Tong Tong

The Village School Continues Adoption of Tong Tong

Our Kindergarten has been learning about the Giant Panda. Our students learned that the giant panda is vulnerable and needs our help! Our Annual Panda Bake Sale has turned into Popcorn for Pandas. For 17 years, the Kindergarten has been adopting Tong Tong, also known as Village, through Pandas International. Each year we have raised the money for the adoption through our community project. This year thanks to the generosity of our community were were able to re-adopt Tong Tong and raise over $1,000.  Thank you Village Kindergarten for continuing to make a difference for the giant pandas!

Pia, Sophia and Ella Raise Funds for the Pandas

Pia, Sophia and Ella held a bake-sale on their street during the summer holidays, selling cupcakes, brownies and homemade lemonade as well as preparing a special cookie that people could guess the weight off for a donation. Through their efforts they have been able to raise a staggering £66 for Pandas International. Thank you for girls for helping the giant pandas.

Brodie Helps the Pandas

My name is Brodie and I am 9 years old. I learned about pandas and the dangers they are in by watching YouTube videos about them. I wanted to do something to help them. Last year, I started two jars for pennies 4 pandas. I collected change for a year. My goal was $50. I collected $120!  I was very excited knowing I saved a lot to help the pandas. Thank you Brodie for helping the giant pandas.  

Jayne Helps the Pandas

My name is Jayne and I turned 11 years old in February of this year. Every year since I was 5 I have chosen to raise money to donate to animal charities for my birthday. Usually I have a collection jar at my birthday party and the invitation asks people to donate instead of giving me gifts. This year, because of Covid, I was not able to have a birthday party, but I knew I wanted to raise money for pandas. I chose pandas because I know they are endangered, and no one wants to lose those sweet little orca bears from the world. 😊 The majority of the stuffed animals that I keep in my bed are pandas. My family loves pandas so much we all have panda stuffies. Since I couldn’t have a party and send invitations asking for donations this year, I raised the money by reaching out to friends, family and family friends through email and asking them to donate money to Pandas International and The World Wildlife Foundation for my birthday. I also had my mom post about my birthday fundraiser on Facebook. I raised more money than I usually do and was able to give $150 to Pandas International. I am so happy that Pandas International is working so hard to care for these wonderful animals. I hope more people will get involved and make sure that the pandas get all the help and support that they need. Thank you Jayne for your dedication and help to save the giant pandas.

The Panda Appeal Helps the Pandas

Sophie, Lucy, Faith, Jessica, Alana and Marta helped the pandas. They are from Northern Ireland and wanted to save the pandas because they love animals. They also think they are cute and playful. These classmates worked for 6 days and sold stuff like key rings, pom-poms, tassels, bookmarks, charms, badges, bracelets and sweets. They have named their group The Panda Appeal and raised £155.88. Thank you to The Panda Appeal for your help in saving the giant panda.    

Olivia Helps the Pandas

Hi, my name is Olivia, and I am 8 years old.  This summer, I learned that pandas are going extinct.  I also learned that pandas only eat bamboo.  But, bamboo is being cut down which means there is less food for the pandas to eat, and that’s part of the reason they are going extinct.  After learning about this, that’s when I knew I had to help the pandas. Because of this, I decided when I had a birthday party with my friends this summer, I did not need gifts.  Instead, I asked people to donate money to help save the pandas.  I really wanted to help them.  I raised $100, and I was able to sponsor two pandas through Pennies 4 Pandas. I think it’s important to help save animals in our world because every single animal is part of our ecosystem, which means that every single animal has a part in the ecosystem.  Without one part of our ecosystem, other parts may come crashing down.  For example, if fish were gone, then bears would not have fish for food, so then they might go extinct.  That’s why it is important to protect all of the animals in the ecosystem. So please donate money for pandas.  It will help the pandas and our ecosystem a lot. Thank you Olivia for your generosity and help with saving the giant pandas.

Wealthy Kids Run for the Pandas

During lockdown we decided to raise money for your charity. We are four cousins (aged 7,8,9 and 11 years old) and we live in two different households. To raise the money, we ran 1864 meters (one meter for every panda living in the wild) every day for ten days and asked friends and family to sponsor us. We sold plants out the front of our houses and Eve made t-shirts with drawings of pandas on for us to wear when we did our run. We wanted to raise money for you because we love animals and wanted to save them and their habitat. We raised £383!  We look forward to hearing from you and hope that our money helps save pandas in the wild. From Eve, Merryn, Reuben and Sam Wealthy

Aaron Helps the Pandas for a 5th Year

We knew this year's 11th birthday celebration would be unlike any other due to the pandemic;  however, two things remained constant.  One was our son's love of giant pandas - he asked for donations instead of gifts again this year.  The second was the kindness of our friends and family.  Thanks to their generosity, Aaron's five year fundraising total surpassed $2000.  He also received a wonderful surprise after winning the Pandas International donation raffle - a 4 week old baby panda plush arrived just in time for Aaron's actual birthday! Thank you Aaron for your endless support for the giant pandas.

Lyra Robinson Helps the Pandas

Lyra Robinson had her 11th birthday on February 12. It was at the Bronx Zoo! Lyra invited 4 friends, along with her twin sister, Ripley. In the picture above, Lyra is the one wearing the panda sweater, and her sister has the sunglasses. Instead of spending money on gifts, she asked her guests to donate that money to Pandas International. Lyra’s party guests raised $65. But in terms of her whole birthday, they raised $174.53 for the pandas! Thank you Lyra and friends for helping the Pandas.