Brendan Hosts a Save the Panda Event

Brendan Hosts a Save the Panda Event

During school this year, Brendan learned about China and found out that the giant panda is endangered. He became very concerned about this and wanted to do something to help. He researched how best to help pandas and different organizations to support and decided to hold a "Save the Pandas" charity event to support Pandas International since the money all goes to the pandas.   He started by planning out the event, setting a date and sending invitations (I helped with this part). He decided to hold a craft and bake sale and invited some friends (Maia and Alexa) and his sister (Juliana) to help. They all worked together to decided what to make for the event. They ended up selling handmade bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks, and slime as well as chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, rice Krispy treats, lemonade and coffee. There were also a few people who donated gift baskets that we sold raffle tickets for and raffled off.  Brendan worked for weeks researching pandas to write facts about them on the bookmarks and spent hours making bracelets and necklaces. The event was for 2 hours and they worked hard to sell their goods. After the event, people who had heard about it but couldn't attend even sent them money in the mail! Finally after all donations were given, the kids total was $660.51! Brendan, Maia, Alexa, and Juliana are so excited to support the pandas and hope to one day visit the center in China. Thank you Brendan, Maia, Alexa and Juliana for your amazing support!

3rd Graders Raise Over a $1,000!

My 3rd Grade class participated in a panda fundraising project called "Saving Pandas One Cupcake at a Time".  We had families in our classroom donate 550 unfrosted cupcakes.  We then transformed our classroom into a bakery.  My students frosted and decorated the cupcakes to look like pandas and we sold them all during our lunchtime.  Each of my students was also given a panda shaped bank and they were encouraged to participate in giving their pennies to the pandas!  Between Pennies for Pandas and our panda cupcake sale , we generated $1,051.00!  We were able to donate these funds to Pandas International and we happily adopted a panda cub.  My students were so proud in their efforts and they were able to see what hard work and determination could accomplish.  My students felt they were able to do their part in helping to preserve the pandas for future generations to enjoy. This is my fifth year in doing this project with my students and I am looking forward to doing this  again next year! -Tamara Wong

Aaron Raises Over $1400 for the Pandas

Aaron picked Giant Pandas for a first grade research project.  We read books and watched videos.  Our family fell in love with these wonderful animals and visited their exhibits at the San Diego and National Zoos. Aaron decided to ask for donations instead of gifts at his 7th, then 8th AND now 9th birthday parties!  The themes change over the years with his interests, but he always finds a way to include the pandas - as a Jedi, a basketball MVP, or a wizard! Thanks to generosity of friends and family, he collected $517 this year, raising over $1400 since June 2016 for Pandas International.

Lu Creates Newspapers for the Pandas

Lu has a great love for animals.  When he learned at school about Pandas International, he wanted to help.  As an aspiring journalist, he decided to write newspapers that included humorous stories, reports on both local and world events, interviews, and illustrated comics to distribute to his friends and family in return for donations to his Pandas International fund.  He had a great time creating the papers and was happy that he could personally do something to help save pandas.  His newspapers were wildly popular and he raised $70. Lu is pictured in his “journalist” suit. Thank you Lu for your wonderful creativity and for helping the Pandas.

Cora and Elsa Help the Pandas

Cora decided to have a panda themed 7th birthday because she loves pandas so much. She asked her friends and family to bring pennies for pandas to her party. The children counted and weighed the pennies.  Later, a friend in her 20s who also loves pandas heard about it, and sent even more pennies.   All in all, Cora collected $113 dollars worth of pennies for pandas. Her sister Elsa (4) really  helped too.   Both girls are excited to be Panda Protectors!

Laura Hosts a Dinner to Help the Pandas

Laura loves the pandas. She is in grade 5. For her birthday she held a dinner, auction and raffle at which she provided an evening of entertainment in honor of the pandas. She raised $228! She featured an artist of the month and had a vocal student perform. It was quite spectacular event for an 11 year old to organize. She invited friends and neighbors. Thank you Laura for your amazing dedication to the Giant Pandas.

Lili Hosts a Bake Sale to Help the Pandas

Lili is nine years old and loves Pandas, and although she has yet to see one in real life her dream is to adopt one when she gets older. When she heard that she could be a Panda Protector and help raise money for them through Pandas International she jumped at the chance. She made cupcakes and brownies to sell at the local fireworks display and even though it was a warm day (around 34c - 94f) and around half of her inventory which she had stayed up making the night before melted in the heat she managed to sell out of her remaining stock. She hopes to continue to raise money for the pandas and is working on her next venture (using her gardening skills to raise money). She lives by her own manta "Pandas forever, extinction never" ​​​​​​​​​​ Thank you Lili for your dedication to the Giant Pandas.

Lucas Has a Panda Party

Lucas has been very interested in pandas for quite some time, and wanted to have a Panda Picnic for his birthday party. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate for the picnic, but he did have a panda party! Lucas chose to collect donations to help save the pandas instead of regular gifts. He collected $100! We followed up the party with a family trip to DC to see the pandas at the National Zoo.  He was in heaven! Thank you Lucas for helping!

Sarah and Hazel Make Bracelets for the Pandas

Hazel is a 2nd grader and Sarah is a 3rd grader. Sarah came up with the idea of selling bracelets to help pandas, and together the girls built the project from there. They found out about Pandas International online when they decided that they could be most effective by supporting an existing group that met the girls’ standards and had the same goals. In the rain, tugging a wagon, holding their money bag, flyers, and bracelets for sale they went around their neighborhood. They were able to raise $50 and help the Giant Pandas. Thank you Hazel and Sarah for your effort in helping us to save this magnificent species. See their fundraising video HERE

Vanessa Hosts a Bake Sale

My name is Vanessa and Pandas are my favorite animal. I love how cute they are and that they are mainly vegetarians who eat bamboo. When I heard that Pandas were endangered I began planning a bake sale.  My sisters both helped a little and we ended up raising $200. Thank you Vanessa for your dedication and support for the Giant Pandas.