Cora and Elsa Help the Pandas

Cora and Elsa Help the Pandas

Cora decided to have a panda themed 7th birthday because she loves pandas so much. She asked her friends and family to bring pennies for pandas to her party. The children counted and weighed the pennies.  Later, a friend in her 20s who also loves pandas heard about it, and sent even more pennies.   All in all, Cora collected $113 dollars worth of pennies for pandas. Her sister Elsa (4) really  helped too.   Both girls are excited to be Panda Protectors!

Laura Hosts a Dinner to Help the Pandas

Laura loves the pandas. She is in grade 5. For her birthday she held a dinner, auction and raffle at which she provided an evening of entertainment in honor of the pandas. She raised $228! She featured an artist of the month and had a vocal student perform. It was quite spectacular event for an 11 year old to organize. She invited friends and neighbors. Thank you Laura for your amazing dedication to the Giant Pandas.

Lili Hosts a Bake Sale to Help the Pandas

Lili is nine years old and loves Pandas, and although she has yet to see one in real life her dream is to adopt one when she gets older. When she heard that she could be a Panda Protector and help raise money for them through Pandas International she jumped at the chance. She made cupcakes and brownies to sell at the local fireworks display and even though it was a warm day (around 34c - 94f) and around half of her inventory which she had stayed up making the night before melted in the heat she managed to sell out of her remaining stock. She hopes to continue to raise money for the pandas and is working on her next venture (using her gardening skills to raise money). She lives by her own manta "Pandas forever, extinction never" ​​​​​​​​​​ Thank you Lili for your dedication to the Giant Pandas.

Lucas Has a Panda Party

Lucas has been very interested in pandas for quite some time, and wanted to have a Panda Picnic for his birthday party. Unfortunately the weather didn’t cooperate for the picnic, but he did have a panda party! Lucas chose to collect donations to help save the pandas instead of regular gifts. He collected $100! We followed up the party with a family trip to DC to see the pandas at the National Zoo.  He was in heaven! Thank you Lucas for helping!

Sarah and Hazel Make Bracelets for the Pandas

Hazel is a 2nd grader and Sarah is a 3rd grader. Sarah came up with the idea of selling bracelets to help pandas, and together the girls built the project from there. They found out about Pandas International online when they decided that they could be most effective by supporting an existing group that met the girls’ standards and had the same goals. In the rain, tugging a wagon, holding their money bag, flyers, and bracelets for sale they went around their neighborhood. They were able to raise $50 and help the Giant Pandas. Thank you Hazel and Sarah for your effort in helping us to save this magnificent species. See their fundraising video HERE

Vanessa Hosts a Bake Sale

My name is Vanessa and Pandas are my favorite animal. I love how cute they are and that they are mainly vegetarians who eat bamboo. When I heard that Pandas were endangered I began planning a bake sale.  My sisters both helped a little and we ended up raising $200. Thank you Vanessa for your dedication and support for the Giant Pandas.

Larysa and Luca Help Save the Pandas

In September last year, as part of our Asian vacation, our family visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and we instantly fell in love with the pandas. When we returned home, we decided we wanted to contribute to the well-being of our new, favorite animal. Before our trip from home, we had started collecting all of our reading books (that we already read) with the intention of having a sale. Once we saw the pandas, we decided we would donate the proceeds of our sale to Pennies 4 Pandas. We are American but currently live in Saudi Arabia, on a compound on the eastern shore. In October, we advertised our charity sale to the residents of our camp and got a great turnout. Of the books that we did not sell at the sale, our mom continued to advertise on the community Facebook page. All but about 10 books ultimately got sold from over 400 books! We raised $467.23 for the Giant Pandas! -Luca and Larysa

QSI Atryau

Here at QSI Atryau International School we have the Common Core Curriculum.  One of our Kindergarten units is doing a How to Project.  The class decided they wanted to do How To Make Lemonade.  They wanted to have a lemonade sale and give the money to Pandas International. They have learned to be International Children.  They care about the world.  They speak up about recycling.  We found a recipe for fresh squeezed lemonade, that is healthy.  They wrote the recipe and made a how to book.  They then practiced two times to make and  taste the lemonade themselves.  On lemonade week Monday - Thursday they made lemonade for thirty minutes and refrigerated it.  They made lemonade signs and wrote invitations to each class to come buy lemonade.  This was part of Literacy Week, we sold the lemonade along with a Book Swap and cupcake sale   organized by the parent group here at QSI.  The class sold 130 cups of lemonade at 1.00 tenge a piece.  They learned so much through the experience and gave the money to a wonderful cause. Thank you QSI Atryau International School for your help to save the Giant Pandas.

Grace Helps the Pandas

"I honestly do not know when I first got into pandas, but it was probably before I entered first grade. I like that they are cute, yet fierce animals. I saw my first live panda in Hong Kong when I was 6 and I have seen a panda at the San Diego Zoo. I've read all the books about Pandas" - Grace Grace used her passion for Pandas and collected change in her Panda coin bank over several years. She was able to raise almost $60 to help the Giant Pandas.  Thank you!

Sarah Holds a Bake Sale for the Pandas

Our 8 year old daughter, Sarah, is an avid panda fan. The current number of pandas in her bed exceeds 30. One day she decided she wanted to do a fund-raiser to support her furry friends…but she didn’t know how to raise money for them. Through her research (i.e., dad’s research), Sarah came to learn more about Pandas International (PI). She adored the photos of the animals she loves so much and felt that PI would be the best way to help her friends.  In early September 2017, she started planning for a bake sale.  She met with the general manager of a local grocery store (Giant Food) to ask permission to hold the sale outside his busy store.  Her mother, Kim, and grandmother, Sally, baked for several weeks to amass a sizable cache of homemade tasty treats which included chocolate chip cookies, muffins (pumpkin, blueberry and banana), triple chocolate brownies and Amish friendship bread.  Some of these items were bundled into gift baskets. Her father, Chris, made good use of the print material and logos (on the PI website) to create posters, product stickers and bookmarks. He also printed copies of a PI newsletter for those donors who might be interested. Her brother, William, worked hard to set up for the event.  The big day came (September 30th) and we saw a fair amount of traffic. Sarah enjoyed sharing the love she has for pandas with those who came by the bake sale. In the end, she raised $220!  Needless to say, we were quite proud of her the hard work she put into this effort. Thank you Sarah for your amazing dedication in helping to save the Giant Pandas!