California Girls help to Save the Pandas!

Two best friends, 3rd graders Piper (8 years old)  and Riley (9 years old) participated in their school’s annual Kindness Awareness Day to raise money for Pandas International and were able to donate $118 after just one day! After reading Xander’s Panda Party by Linda Sue Park and learning the unreal news that at the time of the book’s publication there were only about 1000 living Giant Pandas, Piper knew she had to help support the panda population.  Riley, a life-long panda lover jumped in to help save the day! Riley and Piper worked hard making signs, posters, clay pandas, and pandas made from pipe cleaners to sell on the big day.  Piper and Riley are super excited to donate money to Pandas International and become panda protectors, a very important job indeed.

Thank you Piper and Riley for your dedication and help for the Giant Pandas.