Caris is a Panda Protector

Caris was adopted from China in 2005 as a 13 month old infant and is the greatest light in her parents’ lives.  They describe her as a smart, funny, kind and generous young lady. It warmed their hearts when she decided that she would rather have her friends donate to a cause versus bringing her presents for her birthday this year. Caris has always loved Pandas — in fact her first stuffed animal was a Panda from her parents’ trip to China to get her. They have visited the Pandas at the San Diego Zoo many times and when Caris learned about how rare Pandas are and that they needed help she was certain that this was the cause for the girls to all donate to.
Caris made a wonderful invitation to her birthday party and introduced her friends to the PI website so they could see for themselves what we do and then she made a poster with her friend Isabella to display at the party. The pennies came rolling in as did some dollars and Caris donated of all that she received to PI — $130.00!

Thank you, Caris, for your support of our beloved bears!  We appreciate it so very much!!

Birthday Girl 9th
Panda Poster