Panda Protectors

Emma Helps the Pandas with a Lemonade Stand

My name is Emma, and I am seven years old. I want to help endangered animals survive in the wild. So I made bracelets and my mom helped me make lemonade, and we put a stand out on our driveway. And with the help of my sister and our friends, my stand was a success. In two stands, I successfully raised 159 dollars. Of course, they are all for you. Now goodbye, and good luck helping the pandas! Thank you Emma for your help saving the giant pandas!

St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School Adopts a Panda

Near the beginning of school our 1st grade class was reading about pandas. In the book it mentioned Pennies 4 Pandas so the kids decided they’d like to collect money to help save pandas! We started collecting in our class and raised over $150. Then we decided to take our Pennies 4 Pandas collection school-wide as our Service Learning Project. We posted signs around the school and went to every class to tell them about the pandas. During our fundraising, we were studying non-fiction All About Books, so we wrote a class book, All About Giant Pandas and sent it to Pandas International. Parents could donate $15 to Pennies 4 Pandas and get a color copy of the book. EVERY family involved in our class made a donation. With the help of our class, our parents, and our school community, we raised over $1100!!! That $1100 is enough for St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School to adopt a panda for a year. Thank you St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School for your amazing efforts to help save the giant panda. Your book was absolutely amazing!    

Waterville Valley Academy Raises $900

The student of Waterville Valley Academy, located in Waterville Valley NH, are happy to donate the proceeds of their 2023 Art Show to the Panda International. Each year the art students of WVA select an endangered species to support. With the help of Art Teacher Sarah Heidenis, the students create works of art of and then sell them to the community. This year’s art show, “The Protect the Pandas Art Show”, was held on Thursday March 30th and the student were able to raise $900 for the Pandas! Waterville Valley Academy is a Snowsports academy for students in 6th to 12th grade located in New Hampshire.

Ashleigh Helps the Pandas

My name is Ashleigh. Pandas are my favorite animals! My Aunt got me a symbolic adoption for my eighth birthday. The day before my ninth birthday I thought “Wow, has it been a year already? My adoption ends tomorrow!” So Mom and I went on to the Pandas International website and found out about the Pennies for Pandas program. That’s when I decided that my life goal was possible. I used two different fundraising methods. 1. I set up a jar in my gym (Rock Solid Gymnastics) and got many donations. 2. I asked friends, family members, and neighbors for donations. I ended up raising $136.00! At the end of my fundraising efforts I decided to do this every year! I love pandas and want to keep helping! Thank you Ashleigh for helping the giant pandas!

Endangered Species Club Helps the Giant Pandas

This is Cresskill’s Endangered Species Club and we are honored to have the opportunity to fundraise with Pandas International by selling bracelets. We were able to raise $278 with our customized bracelets. This is the Endangered Species Club’s first fundraiser and our dedicated members sold many bracelets and we are proud to be able to raise this much money to help have a positive impact for Pandas. The club had its struggle when our school got flooded and this fundraiser was a comeback that was needed. Thank you Pandas International!

Popcorn for Pandas

The Village School Kindergarten explores China each year and learns about the Giant Panda. Along with learning about the pandas, they hold a fundraiser to help adopt Tong Tong. Over the years they would hold an annual Panda Bake Sale but this year they held a Popcorn for Pandas fundraiser instead. For 18 years, Kindergarten has been adopting Tong Tong, also known as Village, through Pandas International. Each year we have raised the money for the adoption through our community project. The money raised for our adoption will pay for bamboo and additional food like panda bread as well as veterinarian support and medicine. The popcorn was sold to the Village School community for $2.00 each. For the 19th year, The Village Kindergarten was able to raise over $1,000 to readopt Tong Tong for another year!   

Sofie and Bella Help the Pandas

Sofie and Bella wanted to help the giant pandas so they set up a stall in Sydney, Australia to raise funds. They sold drinks, treats, and merchandise and ended up raising over $230! Check out the wonderful video below of their journey. Thank you Sofie and Bella for your hard work helping the pandas.

Lily Raises Over $400

Hi! My name is Lily and I love Giant Pandas! I think that they are fascinating animals and their cubs are adorable! Like so many other panda-lovers, I do not want to see them go extinct. The cause of conserving Giant Pandas in their natural habitat is very important to me. Last year, I started 7th grade. When I was tasked to create a project about a topic that I am passionate about, I jumped straight to pandas. After long hours of pondering how I would convert my love for pandas into a project, I discovered the Pennies 4 Pandas program. I set a goal of raising $350. I would try to reach my goal through two different methods of fundraising. First, I used an online platform to design and sell my own panda-themed shirts. I was so excited to see members of my community wearing my shirts and supporting the cause of protecting Giant Pandas! Thirteen weeks and 48 sales later, I had raised $270.32. But I wasn’t done yet! The second method of fundraising that I used to raise money was donation jars. I set up four donation jars in businesses across the Lehigh Valley, and returned to check on the progress of each jar once every seven to ten days. By the time my jars were taken down around the beginning of May, they had collected $185.83. In total, I raised $456.15, exceeding my goal by over $100! I had a great time raising money for Giant Pandas, and an even better time sharing my experiences with others when I presented my project at school!    

Farnham Students Giving Back

4th grade Farnham students recently held a panda themed bake sale and trinket sale to raise money for Pandas International in honor of their classmate Katie who passed away in December of 2021and loved Pandas.   Both events sold out of items and they raised over $2400 for the charity. Thank you Farnham students for helping the pandas in Katie’s memory.