Panda Protectors

Rachel Helps the Pandas

Dear Pandas International, I’m writing to you because my daughter Rachel had a panda party and raised money to help save the Giant Panda. Her love for this animal started when she was four. In her preschool classroom, the teacher sent home a stuffed Giant Panda each weekend with a student. While the Giant Panda was visiting, the student had to document their adventures and share with the class on Monday. When the Giant Panda visited with us Rachel enjoyed taking it to the zoo, to the park, out to eat at Panera Bread, and playing with it at home.Since her first preschool visit with the class panda, Rachel has become very interested in the Giant Panda. We started reading non-fiction books about the animal and then her collection of stuffed pandas began. Rachel also has collected bed sheets, clothes, and jewelry with the Giant Panda on it. Rachel is now in first-grade and her love for this animal continues to grow. For her first-grade mammal project, she decided to research the Giant Panda. Rachel learned a lot through her research and presented her project with ease. She shared facts, showed her 3D model of the Giant Panda in its habitat and answered her classmate’s questions. Rachel’s teachers were impressed with her knowledge and her ability to share her information in front of the class. Through her research, Rachel learned the Giant Panda is endangered and asked me if we could help. I told her absolutely, so for her 7th birthday in lieu of gifts we asked friends and family to honor Rachel by donating money to help save the Giant Panda.We found Pandas International through a google search. The work you are doing with the Panda Reserves in China is inspiring. Rachel and I read about the earthquakes destroying bamboo forests and the Wolong Nature Reserve through her research. We also read about Qinxin the Giant Panda who was released into the wild to help increase the panda population. The programs you support are doing great things and we want to help! Rachel made a donation box and was […]

Molly Helps the Pandas

Hi my name is Molly.  I am a 2nd grader and I am required to do a research project each year for a program called Texas Research Institute for Young Scholars.  I chose to do a research project on pandas this year.  Not only did I learn a lot but I was also able to educate my friends and teachers about pandas.  As part of my project, I collected change for Pennies 4 Pandas.   I also had my 8th birthday party that was panda themed, and I asked my friends to donate to the cause.  I was able to raise a total of $200.71 for pandas thanks to the generosity of my friends and family.  I hope that I promoted a passion for plight of pandas. Thank you Molly for your amazing dedication, for educating others and for truly helping the Pandas.

Kempton Adopts Hua Mei

My 3 year old son, Kempton Benjamin, created a t shirt design that he sold on Etsy and promoted on an Instagram account which can be found @kbsavesthepandas. Through his sales, he raised almost $500 for panda conservation efforts. He was even featured on a local news television segment. The Facebook video can be found here. He’s loved pandas since he was 6 months old and has continued to learn about the need for conservation through many panda fact books and shows that promote conservation. His dream is to travel to China to visit the pandas! With the donations, Kempton was able to symbolically adopt Hua Mei. Thank you Kempton for your amazing efforts to help Pandas International save the Giant Pandas.

Grace Adopts a Panda

Grace's love for the giant panda started when she was six and her passion for the panda has only grown.  Last year she read a book on the Giant Panda and found out they were endangered and was sincerely upset by this fact  so she decided to help save the Pandas anyway she could.  For Grace's 8th Birthday we had a Panda Party and in lieu of gifts she took donations to help her achieve her dream of "adopting" a Panda.  We had our own stuffed panda adoption center, panda treats, fake snow and even a visit from a Panda.  Grace raised over $500 towards helping the Pandas and is excited to do her part in saving the Giant Panda. She will continue to help protect the Pandas anyway she can and dreams of going to China to volunteer with the Pandas. Thank you Grace for your amazing dedication to helping to save the Giant Pandas.

Makena Helps the Pandas

Makena is on a mission; to help save the pandas! Her mission ignited at a very young age. When she was only 2 years old, she received a very special panda stuffed animal from her Aunt Mariah; a gift brought all the way from China! Over the years, Makena's love for pandas grew stronger. In kindergarten, her class pet was a panda stuffy that went home with a classmate each week. "Mr. Panda" had many adventures, and went on his first airplane ride to California while in Makena's care. This year (2018), for her 7th birthday (in February), she chose to share her love for pandas and threw a Pennies 4 Pandas Party. In lieu of all gifts, she wanted to raise money for the pandas! We made panda crafts, played panda themed games, and with the support of Pandas International were able to educate her friends about the importance of saving the pandas. Makena's party was a great success. She raised $260! She was so proud of her efforts, and her parents couldn't have been more proud of their little panda lover. Makena's mission continues! In June, she wrote and presented a paper of what she would like to be when she grows up. Her answer? A Panda Protector! In August, one of her dreams came true. On a very special surprise trip to the San Diego Zoo, Makena got to be a VIP, and came face to face with Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu; the resident pandas that inhabit the zoo. Her ultimate dream is to travel to China to see the giant pandas. Today, her collection of all things panda continues to grow, and she is still saving money in her piggie bank for helping the pandas. Makena's innate passion for these beautiful creatures is truly something to behold, and will be with her for years to come.

Tyler Helps to Save the Pandas

My name is Tyler.  I am 9 years old and I live in Charlotte, NC.  I am absolutely obsessed with all Pandas.  When I discovered Giant Pandas were endangered I knew I had to do something.  So, I thought what would be better than a lemonade stand on a hot summer day.  I made posters and flyers that my friends and I hung up around the neighborhood.  Then we set up the lemonade stand and made the lemonade.  For the first couple of minutes we didn’t have any customers.  Then it happened, our first customer!  I was so excited I jumped straight to my feet!  We poured him a glass and he came back for more!  Everyone who came to get lemonade wanted more and more.  At the end of the day we collected $80.  Now I hope that is enough to help save the giant Pandas!

Grace Raises Money for the Pandas

Dear Pandas International, So the way I got interested in pandas was that I read the Magic Treehouse book, “A Perfect Time for Pandas”. I liked it and read the fact tracker. It told readers to be Junior Conservationists. In the back, there was a list of websites and one was Pandas International. I was determined to help pandas. I saved $50 and gave it to Pennies 4 Pandas. I read dozens of panda books. I went to the Vienna Zoo this past summer. At the zoo, if the glass wasn't there, then I could have touched the panda! Ever since then, pandas have been my absolute favorite animal. Yours very truly, Grace Age 9 Bountiful, UT

Olivia Raises Almost $400 for the Pandas

Olivia has been very passionate about helping the giant panda for some time.  She decided last summer, when she was 9 years old, that she wanted to run a lemonade stand and donate all the money earned to help pandas.  She researched possible charities and found Pandas International to be a great organization for her donations. Olivia’s lemonade stand was fabulous!  It was a blistering hot day when Olivia set up her stand.  She sold lemonade and pretzel rods to many people in the neighborhood.  She insisted on staying out almost all day until early evening so she could sell as much as possible.  Some people came to the stand twice and were so impressed with her dedication (and her lemonade!).  Olivia raised $155.46 that day.  She was thrilled with her success and inspired to do something else to raise money for pandas. Olivia created a binder with ideas for a fundraiser at school.  She organized her ideas and thought out her fundraising possibilities.  She wanted to meet with her Principal, Mr. Birdsong, so that she could pitch her ideas.  Olivia was very persistent in asking me to set up this meeting! When Olivia met with Mr. Birdsong she presented several options for fundraisers that could be held at school.  Mr. Birdsong and Olivia decided on a “Panda Protector” contest where students could paint, draw, make a model of, or create some kind of panda.  The entries would be “voted” on by the entire school in the form of money.  Students could vote as many times as they wanted and could use change or dollars.  The winning entry would receive a Target gift card and the student who won would also earn their class a donut party.  Olivia got up in front of the entire school at an assembly to launch the contest.  She spoke about Pandas and told the students about the “Panda Protector” contest.  She made posters and signs and hung them up around school so everyone would remember and get excited about the contest. The students at St. Teresa really stepped up to help!  There were a [...]

Brendan Hosts a Save the Panda Event

During school this year, Brendan learned about China and found out that the giant panda is endangered. He became very concerned about this and wanted to do something to help. He researched how best to help pandas and different organizations to support and decided to hold a "Save the Pandas" charity event to support Pandas International since the money all goes to the pandas.   He started by planning out the event, setting a date and sending invitations (I helped with this part). He decided to hold a craft and bake sale and invited some friends (Maia and Alexa) and his sister (Juliana) to help. They all worked together to decided what to make for the event. They ended up selling handmade bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks, and slime as well as chocolate chip cookies, blueberry muffins, rice Krispy treats, lemonade and coffee. There were also a few people who donated gift baskets that we sold raffle tickets for and raffled off.  Brendan worked for weeks researching pandas to write facts about them on the bookmarks and spent hours making bracelets and necklaces. The event was for 2 hours and they worked hard to sell their goods. After the event, people who had heard about it but couldn't attend even sent them money in the mail! Finally after all donations were given, the kids total was $660.51! Brendan, Maia, Alexa, and Juliana are so excited to support the pandas and hope to one day visit the center in China. Thank you Brendan, Maia, Alexa and Juliana for your amazing support!

3rd Graders Raise Over a $1,000!

My 3rd Grade class participated in a panda fundraising project called "Saving Pandas One Cupcake at a Time".  We had families in our classroom donate 550 unfrosted cupcakes.  We then transformed our classroom into a bakery.  My students frosted and decorated the cupcakes to look like pandas and we sold them all during our lunchtime.  Each of my students was also given a panda shaped bank and they were encouraged to participate in giving their pennies to the pandas!  Between Pennies for Pandas and our panda cupcake sale , we generated $1,051.00!  We were able to donate these funds to Pandas International and we happily adopted a panda cub.  My students were so proud in their efforts and they were able to see what hard work and determination could accomplish.  My students felt they were able to do their part in helping to preserve the pandas for future generations to enjoy. This is my fifth year in doing this project with my students and I am looking forward to doing this  again next year! -Tamara Wong