Panda Protectors

Sarah Helps the Giant Pandas

Sarah made a sign for her campaign and her pet pandas helped.  With her passion for saving pandas, she raised $50.00 for Pennies 4 Pandas.  She set up a booth at her ice skating exhibition and invited guests to donate during her birthday party. This was her first time raising money for any type of cause, she looks forward to having greater success in the future. Thank you Sarah for helping the Giant Pandas.

El Camino High School’s Animal Club Helps the Pandas

El Camino High School’s Animal Club had a vision to help save beloved giant pandas from extinction. We were determined to raise funds in support of Pandas International, even if it meant one coin at a time. From there, we thought of the slogan--Pennies For Pandas. Our club members came together and made unique donation jars. We asked members to carry jars around schools and hopefully raise some funds from classmates and teachers. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about the cause and explain the critical situation pandas were facing. In addition we raised awareness through school posters and announcements. We were pleasantly surprised by the numerous support we received from our school community. In the end we counted over $200 . ECHS Animal Club is happy to help out Pandas International. One penny at a time. Thank you to everyone at ECHS Animal Club for helping to save the Giant Pandas.

Logan Helps the Pandas

Logan is 5 years old and a huge Giant Panda fan. She found Pandas International when she was looking for ideas on how she could help the animals she loves so much. She was so happy to find that Pandas International is so close to Denver. She read about Pennies 4 Pandas, and since then, Logan was determined to raise some money to help. She decided to clean out her old toys and sell them. With her idea, she managed to raise 59 dollars to donate to Pandas International! We are so proud of her. She has already spread the word about Pandas and is also working on another fundraising idea with a friend. Thank you Logan for your generosity and help with saving the Giant Pandas.

Aiden Raises $458!

Aiden turned 8 yrs old on April 9. Aiden has many gifts and one of those gifts is Autism. His autism allows him to focus on certain things with great interest and one of those things for him are Panda's! Aiden loves learning about everything Panda! This year for his birthday he has asked that he not receive gifts but donations to help protect his beloved Panda's. One day we will make to it to China for Aiden to study and visit with Pandas in their natural habitat. Thank you for all that you do to protect and educate about these amazing animals! Through Aiden's birthday party he was able to raise $458!  These donations will help to purchase almost 16 pounds of formula to help feed the cubs and elderly pandas at the panda centers in China!  Thank you Aiden for caring so much about the Pandas and for making such a big difference.

Josie Makes a Difference

Josie is an American girl with a difference...  She's never lived in America!  For her 11th birthday, she wanted to do something important... something for animals...  Even though she currently lives in Kenya and there are many animals there that need help, Josie decided to ask her friends to help her save the pandas instead of giving her gifts.  Her 8 friends donated a total of $150 which her parents agreed to match, raising a total of $300 for Pandas International! Thank you Josie for caring about the Pandas and for being so generous!

Panda Protectors Raise Over $400!!

Some friends and I were reading some books on pandas and thought it would be good to help them. Then my friend Kaylee told me about Pandas International. Soon we had raised about $100. Then, more people wanted to help. We went door to door and did a Save the Pandas stand. Our goal was $200. We are proud to have raised $420. We love your work to help the pandas! Sincerely, Alexa, Ishaan, Kaylee, Alana, Lucy, Emma, and Cassie Thank you to all of you for helping the Giant Pandas!

Gemma, Charlotte, Clara and Neave Raise $284!

Gemma, Charlotte, Clara and Neave are all 10 years old and Carlogi Primary School. They wrote a letter to their head teacher asking if they could do a bake sale at school to raise money for Pennies for Pandas. They all love Pandas so much. Their teacher said yes so they arranged a date and got busy baking and asking friends to help too. This all happened within a few weeks and they held their bake sale one morning at school and raised £228 ($284) which is a great amount. They had lots of fun and enjoyed eating some cakes themselves! Thank you girls for helping to save the Giant Pandas!

Mary Elizabeth, Sarah and Sophie Help the Pandas

Last year, I sold panda key chains in my neighborhood to raise money for pandas. This year, I crocheted panda hats and made panda cupcakes. My friends Sarah and Sophie helped me at my stand this year. Sarah and Sophie are adopted sisters from China so I think it's neat that they wanted to help, because China is the natural habitat of the Giant Panda! We made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, Oreo ears, and chocolate chip eyes. My panda hats were made with cream-colored yarn with black pom-pom ears. We sold 21 cupcakes and 11 hats. This year we raised $125 for the pandas. I am very grateful to Sarah,Sophie,their mom, and my mom for helping me decorate and sell cupcakes. I want to help the pandas, who are, thankfully, no longer endangered, but still need our help. I hope the money we raised helps the pandas and I hope to do more fundraisers in the future! Thank you Mary Elizabeth for helping us for two years in a row and thank you to Sarah and Sophie for helping this year!

Ahmya Helps the Giant Pandas on Her 7th Birthday

Ahmya is 7 years old and lives in Harrisburg, PA. She loves all animals, but for some reason, she especially loves pandas! I have talked to her before about how they are endangered and it broke her heart. When her 7th birthday came around, she wanted to have a panda paint party. All of the kids would learn how to make their own painting of a panda, and instead of everyone bringing a present for the birthday girl, she wanted everyone to donate money to help save the pandas! She ended up raising $193.00 and was so happy to be able to donate it. I am so proud of her! Not many children would choose to forgo presents on their birthday to help a charity! Thank you Ahmya for caring and helping the Giant Pandas.