Panda Protectors

Sarah Holds a Bake Sale for the Pandas

Our 8 year old daughter, Sarah, is an avid panda fan. The current number of pandas in her bed exceeds 30. One day she decided she wanted to do a fund-raiser to support her furry friends…but she didn’t know how to raise money for them. Through her research (i.e., dad’s research), Sarah came to learn more about Pandas International (PI). She adored the photos of the animals she loves so much and felt that PI would be the best way to help her friends.  In early September 2017, she started planning for a bake sale.  She met with the general manager of a local grocery store (Giant Food) to ask permission to hold the sale outside his busy store.  Her mother, Kim, and grandmother, Sally, baked for several weeks to amass a sizable cache of homemade tasty treats which included chocolate chip cookies, muffins (pumpkin, blueberry and banana), triple chocolate brownies and Amish friendship bread.  Some of these items were bundled into gift baskets. Her father, Chris, made good use of the print material and logos (on the PI website) to create posters, product stickers and bookmarks. He also printed copies of a PI newsletter for those donors who might be interested. Her brother, William, worked hard to set up for the event.  The big day came (September 30th) and we saw a fair amount of traffic. Sarah enjoyed sharing the love she has for pandas with those who came by the bake sale. In the end, she raised $220!  Needless to say, we were quite proud of her the hard work she put into this effort. Thank you Sarah for your amazing dedication in helping to save the Giant Pandas!

Sophie Adopts a Panda

Sophie has been working and saving her own money to adopt a panda through Pandas International since she was in second grade—now she’s in 5th. She has played her violin in Birmingham (Alabama), Tuscaloosa, New Orleans, and Ireland to earn donations, also along the way donating hundreds of dollars to the Ireland Seal Rescue and to several rain forest trusts. When she set such a high goal for Pandas International, I have to admit I had no idea whether she could do it. Well, yes she can!  We’re so proud of her 🙂 Sophie raised $1,000 and has adopted Bing Bing. Thank you Sophie for your amazing dedication and generosity!  You are making a difference in helping us to save the Giant Panda.

Emma Raises $100 for the Pandas

Emma is 6 years old and to say she is obsessed with Pandas is an understatement. Whenever she goes to the library, she checks out any book that has a Panda in it, and has ton of panda plushes at home.  Her dream is to see a panda in real life. Because of her love for Pandas, she made necklaces, pictures and key chains which she sold in order to raise donations to help save the Pandas. She was able to donate $100 to Pandas International. Thank you Emma for loving Pandas and for helping to save them at such a young age!

Ben, Parker and Rachel Help the Pandas

Ben age 11, Parker age 11, and Rachel age 12 all live in Glenelg, MD.  They have always had a huge love for Pandas.  Last year for Halloween, Parker and Ben (who have been the best of friends since Kindergarten) dressed up as Pandas. When their orchestra instructor found out they had Panda costumes, she invited them to wear them for the winter concert. Ben and Parker acted on stage like Pandas, eating bamboo and doing a little skit as the orchestra performed a piece called Pandas.  It was so much fun!! A few months later, Ben’s sister Rachel, Ben and Parker all decided to go raise money for the Pandas.  They collected a little over $53 dollars each (a total of $160) and donated it to Pandas International. Thank you Ben, Parker and Rachel for helping the Pandas.

Village School Adopts Tong Tong for 12 Years

By Shea Morris For over 12 years the Village School kindergarten has been “traveling" to China as part of our Global Studies curriculum.  Our traveling doesn’t actually involve leaving Pacific Palisades, yet it does involve exploring various aspects of the Chinese culture and a study of the Giant Panda. The students love learning about the panda.  There is an instant attraction.  The kindergartners learn panda facts, do panda art projects read panda books, as well as participate in a community service project related to our travels.  Pandas International became the focus of our community service project as they were a USA non-profit directly supporting the efforts to protect and help Pandas. To raise money for Pandas International, the kindergarten students and kindergarten teachers decided to have a bake sale with the profits going to Pandas International.  The parents baked sweet treats and the kindergarten students sold them with the first sale raising just over $500 allowing the Village School students to adopt Tong Tong.  The next year the students did the same thing and a tradition was started that still continues today.  The Panda Bake Sale is held each February and all treats are now sold for $1.00.  The whole school is committed to the success as they remember learning about Tong Tong when they were a kindergarten student.  Most students now buy a couple treats and say, “Keep the change.” We have been raising over $1000 the past few years because of the entire community embracing Tong Tong.  Much love for Tong Tong does come from fact that many students remember my participation in Hug My Baby.  Hug My Baby provided the school community with a stronger connection to Tong Tong.  I was able to meet Tong Tong.  I fed him and observed him in his environment for quite a long time as well as gained so much from interacting with other adopters and our tour guides who shared much about the culture with us.  This year the first graders are already telling the kindergarten students about the Panda Bake Sale and upper school students have stopped by asking [...]

Ceci and Davey Adopt for 5 Straight Years

Ceci (age 14) and Davey (age 10) Howes held their annual “Save the Pandas” Fundraiser on September 4, 2017 in Winnipeg, Canada. It is a fun-filled event with panda cupcakes, marshmallows, emPANaDAs cooked in an outdoor wood-fire oven, and lots of panda-themed games. They are thrilled that for the 5th straight year, they raised enough money to adopt a panda through Pandas International. In total, Ceci and Davey have raised $4,310 over the past 5 years! Ceci and Davey held their first fundraiser in 2013, after they spent a month in Chengdu. While in Chengdu, they visited the Chengdu Panda Base several times. This led them to research pandas and the reasons pandas became an endangered species. Ever since then, they like to share information about pandas and what everyone can do to protect their favorite animal and safeguard the environment pandas need to survive. Ceci and Davey also enjoy involving friends in their annual fundraiser and are thankful for the support of various communities.

Port Allen Elementary Adopts a Panda

Port Allen Elementary School in Port Allen, Louisiana, initiated a fund raiser to adopt a panda from Pandas International.  Their school mascot is the giant panda and the staff thought it was important for the children to learn about endangered and vulnerable species as well as be a part of a giving campaign that would unite the school for a good cause. Students in Kindergarten - 2nd grade learned all about pandas, observed them on the panda cams, and worked on projects for the fundraising event.  Penny cans were placed in every classroom and the second graders researched and made informational posters to place around the school.  Kindergartners made panda artwork to sell, and classes from head start through second grade brought in pennies daily.  Port Allen Elementary reached their goal in October and they are so excited to adopt Chu Xin (1st Love), and they hope to make this an annual event! Thank you to the amazing students and staff at Port Allen for making a huge difference in helping us to save the Giant Pandas.

Third Graders Recycle Bottles to Help Save the Pandas

Third grade students from Vista Verde made posters and commercials to advertise their collection efforts school-wide. Parents were involved by collecting at their work. Past students collected bottles and helped build awareness in the community. The money, collected from the bottles, was donated to Pandas International. These amazing third graders were able to raise $350!  Thank you for you for your generous donation and efforts in helping to save the environment and the Giant Pandas.

Lizzie Creates a Panda Club to Help Make a Difference

Lizzie started a Panda Club at Brier Terrace Middle School where she and her friends, Danni, Jonni, Alea, David and Jaden discussed panda issues and made panda bracelets from black and white bands to raise funds for Pandas International. At the school’s recent culture fair, Lizzie set up a booth with panda goodies and lots of information about pandas. She also printed out the downloads from Pandas International so that guests could color and learn about panda conservancy. She sold the bracelets that she and her friends made in the Panda Club raising $100.95 in donations. Thank you Lizzie for your dedication and wonderful support.