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Piper Raises over $100 for the Pandas

Piper recently held a dance party in which she encouraged the attendees to donate to Pandas International to help the Giant Pandas. Her friends and family helped her to raise over $100 for the Pandas. They all enjoyed a wonderful evening of dancing and helping a great cause at the same time! Piper also helps to run a panda club at her school. All of her friends from the panda club came to her birthday as well. Thank you Piper for helping to raise awareness about the Giant Pandas cause and raising donations too!

Panda Pops Make Brooke a Panda Protector

Brooke might not be your typical CEO, but her mission has heart.  She started a cake pop business, called Panda Pops, to help raise money for the Pandas. She started her business on February 19th and has already sold over 500 cake pops to friends, family, and at area events. Says Brooke, "I started my business because I love pandas and have really enjoyed raising money to help them. I plan to grow my business to help them more. I have donated for a nursery sponsorship along with a Pennies for Pandas". Brooke has already donated $225 to date. Thank you, Brooke, for being an awesome Panda Protector!

Panda Census 2013 | Wild Panda Population Increases to 1,864

The results of the fourth National Panda Census conducted by China's State Forestry Administration have just been released.  According to the Administration, as of the end of 2013, the wild panda population has reached 1,864 - an increase of 16.8% over the 2003 census numbers.  Wild panda habitat was measured at 2.58 million hectares, an 11.8% increase. China began surveying its giant panda populations in the 1970s. The latest census began in 2011 and took a painstaking three years to complete.  The survey showed that nearly three quarters of the wild pandas live in the southwestern province of Sichuan. The remaining pandas were found in the neighboring Shaanxi and Gansu provinces. The increase in the population can be attributed largely to conservation efforts put in place by the Chinese government to protect the bear and its habitat.  The administration said China has set up 27 new preservation areas for giant pandas, contributing to the growth in their numbers.  Economic development still remains a threat to the rare animal and its habitat, however. The survey has found 319 hydropower stations and 1,339 kilometers (832 miles) of roads in the giant panda's habitat. In addition to wild pandas, the number of giant pandas in captivity grew by 211, more than double the previous survey figure.  Together, wild and captive, there are now just over 2,200 pandas in the world.

Sealie is a Panda Protector

Sealie is a proud member of the Panda Bear Kindergarten class at International School of Texas in Austin, Texas. Sealie decided that for her 6th birthday she would like to raise money to help save Pandas rather than getting birthday presents. Her party was held at Build A Bear on January 2 and she collected $309 to donate to Pandas International.  Thank you, Sealie, for your support.  We really appreciate you and all you do for the pandas!

Newly Weaned Cubs Tackle Panda Kindergarden

You might have noticed some new faces on Explore.org's Panda Cam #3!  The two new toddlers that are captivating viewers and spreading smiles across the virtual world are Hua Hu and Hua Bao - Xi Xi's recently weaned 2013 cubs.  In the yard next door, Gong Gong, Xing An, Hua Ni and Hua Yang are learning, climbing, playing, and having a panda-rific time. While many watchers still see the Kindergartners as babies - we assure you that they are the perfect age to start exploring the world away from their mothers. Although the weaning process in wild pandas has not been well documented, as experts from the San Diego Zoo note, "one of two things likely happens: either his mother runs him off with aggressive behavior, as has been noted with some brown bears, or the mother and cub simply wander away from each other and begin separate lives. Many panda fans worry that that final weaning event is a sudden change for the bears, but in reality it is the culmination of a longer process that begins some months before, when the cub develops his bamboo-feeding dentition." At about a year of age, a panda cub’s diet changes from one of 100 percent maternal milk to one incorporating his staple adult food, bamboo. He starts by feeding on small quantities of leaf, mastering the process of chewing and swallowing a solid food. Gradually, the cub ingests more and more bamboo and needs less caloric support from mother’s milk. By the time a final weaning separation occurs, he may only have been nursing once a day, or even skipping days between suckling bouts. The development of this nutritional independence takes time, and thus, weaning is not accomplished overnight.    Since the pandas at the bases cannot simply wander away from each other as they would in the wild, keepers facilitate the process.  Generally this process happens around 18 months of age. So, while they may seem like babies, these toddlers are ready to take their first steps into independence (and from watching them on the cams, perhaps there is already a [...]

Thank You, Charlotte and Corinne! Panda Protectors

Charlotte (age 11) and Corinne (age 8) decided that they wanted to do something to help protect pandas.  They told their mom about the unbelievably small number of remaining pandas. The girls decided that they would set up at coat check at their family'sh annual Holiday party and were able to raise more than $100 to donate to saving Pandas! They couldn't have been happier the next morning when they counted the tips to learn how much they could send to Pandas International to help the Pandas. Thank you, girls, for all of your help!

It’s a 3-Peat!! Pandas International is Voted “Favorite Panda Charity” for the Third Year

We've just learned that for the THIRD YEAR in a row, Pandas International was recognized as the "Favorite Panda Charity" during voting for the Giant Panda Zoo Awards! Suzanne says, "Thank you very much for all your time and effort in putting these awards together and supporting the pandas.  We are extremely honored to have won the Gold for Best Panda Charity - 3 years in a row. I feel like we have won an Oscar every year for 3 years. It’s wonderful to know that people around the world recognize how hard we work every day at Pandas International to Save the Endangered Giant Pandas." And we recognize that much of what we do wouldn’t be possible without all of you!!  Thank you all so very much for your continued supports and for your votes!  We appreciate each and every single one of you.

An Adopter Story | Fran and Xin Nier

The National Zoo sponsored a trip to China in September 2008 and I was fortunate enough to go on it. Initially we weren’t sure that we would even be able to see pandas on the trip because of the devastating Wenchuan earthquake that struck in May 2008, but we did. We were one of the first groups of tourists who visited the Sichuan area and we spent an awesome day in Bifenxgia. One of the highlights was being able to spend time in the panda kindergarten. I decided to stay near one panda (although there were several to play with) and afterwards I asked the keeper to write down her name for me, Xin Nier. This is a photo of us in the panda kindergarten as well as a photo of her after she ate – a bit messy, I’d say. When I got back to the states, I realized that I could “adopt” her through Pandas International and have been renewing the shared adoption since that time. It is my special Christmas present to myself. I was able to go back to Bifengxia in 2010 on a trip sponsored by Pandas International – this time it was to volunteer with the pandas at Bifengxia. I asked the folks at the Wolong Panda club office if there was any way that I could volunteer to clean and feed Xin Nier, or at least spend time with her. Her keepers said that was fine so I was thrilled to spend the day with her (and her roommates). I wanted to spend as much time as I could watching her and I did that in my spare time on the third day. I just hung out and watched her and her roommates interact and of course, eat bamboo. I have to laugh because every update that I’ve received has had comments on how much she likes to eat – that didn’t change at all. Someday I hope to go back to see her again, but until then I excitedly keep an eye out for photos and updates on how she is doing.

RoyalPanda.com improves the Panda’s odds

“Helping the panda improve its odds:” with this catchy phrase, online casino Royal Panda announced the joyous news that it has adopted one of our giant pandas, the son of the beautiful Zhen Zhen. As an online casino, developed by people who truly care for the wellbeing of our beloved bears, adopting a panda cub has been a long-standing ambition of the team at Royal Panda. And it was our absolute pleasure to be able to help Royal Panda realize that dream. The panda cub is now nicknamed “Royal Panda" and will serve as Royal Panda’s living mascot to increase awareness of the giant panda’s battle against extinction, across Royal Panda’s website, social media channels and events. Thank you Royal Panda for helping to improve the panda’s odds of survival!