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Giant Panda Birthday Party Weekend

A group of 60 Giant Panda supporters held their annual Giant Panda Birthday party this year on August 20th, 2016 at Lillie’s Restaurant in Washington, D. C. As a result of their efforts, they raised over $5,000 by holding a live auction, a silent auction, raffle and sale of Bao Bao and Bei Bei medallions (which are on sale in the Pandas International On-Line Store as well). The money will be used to support the CCRCGP efforts to increase Giant Panda enrichment. And this year, the group was honored to have a very special attendee - distinguished guest Dr. Li DeShang who is the Deputy Director and Head Veterinarian at the CCRCGP.  Once again this year, the group created and signed a Special Giant Panda Birthday Banner that includes photos of all the Birthday Pandas.  Those who attended the party signed the banner with special birthday wishes for our beloved bears.  Suzanne Braden will take the banner to China in October and present it to the keepers at the Dujiangyan Giant Panda Base where Pan Pan and Tai Shan live. Pandas International would like to thank each of the 60 people who participated in this year’s Giant Panda Birthday and for raising over $5,000.00

A Visit with Mei Lan

China, November 2013 - Travel Notes Pandas International's assistant director, Andrea Muller, and social media coordinator, Tanja Butler-Melone, traveled to China in November 2013 to tour the CCRCGP facilities, meet with staff and researchers, and visit the pandas - making special note of those available for adoption through PI and the Wolong Panda Club. Having flown into Chengdu, we began our travels with a quick trip to see Mei Lan.  Born at Zoo Atlanta on September 6, 2009, Mei Lan was the first panda born to parents Lun Lun and Yang Yang.  Originally identified by the zoo as a female, Mei Lan was discovered to be a male after his return to China in February 2010. During our visit, Mei Lan was happily munching on his bamboo breakfast, pausing only long enough to switch positions. Mei Lan will be joined soon by brothers Xi Lan (age 5) and Po (age 3) who are scheduled to depart for China within the next few months. We'll keep you updated as we learn more about their travel schedule. Meanwhile, the youngest members of the family - twin boys Mei Lun and Mei Huan, born earlier this summer - continue to delight fans around the world.  They should be making their public debut soon as they have recently begun walking - the prerequisite to joining mom, Lun Lun, in the public habitat.