Caylee had a Panda-monium Sleepover for the Pandas

Caylee celebrated her 11th birthday by raising money for the pandas in lieu of gifts!  Caylee had 17 girls over for a Panda-monium sleepover and raised $200.  For her favors, she filled Chinese take-out boxes with PI information, bookmark, bracelets, and stickers from the Party Kit, pencils printed with Save the Pandas, a panda drawing tutorial, panda fact fortune cookies, fortune chop sticks, and lollipops that also said Save the Pandas.  The family decorated with all of her stuffed pandas and some panda balloons as well as black and white paper lanterns.  Caylee also had a smiling panda cake and wore her new panda face t-shirt from PI.

At the party, the girls tried to watch “The Amazing Panda Adventure” but got too upset when the poacher appeared that they turned it off and watched Kung Fu Panda instead.  The girls also made the panda bead bracelets from PI during the party – a definite favorite activity of the night.  They all agreed that making people aware of the pandas plight and donating money were good ways for kids to help the pandas.