Celebrating Dragon Boat Festival at Yunnan Safari Park with Annette and Si Jia

Annette Yuen, Pandas International’s Consultant to CCRCGP,  has a special place in her heart for her adopted panda Si Jia.  She is a regular visitor to Hong Kong’s Yunnan Wild Animal Park where Si Jia lives and never misses a Dragon Boat Festival at the park.  This year, she was more than just an observer.

Early on the morning of the Festival, Annette joined the breeders to prepare a special treat for Si Jia that included dumplings, carrots and tender bamboo leaves.  As Annette carried the tray out to Si Jia’s enclosure, Si Jia immediately woke up, smelling the treats, and began moving back and forth on her platform.

Annette was able to hand the dumplings to Si Jia who gently took them and happily devoured them.  Happy panda….happy panda mama.

The other animals at the park also received specially prepared holiday meals.


Celebrate Dragon Boat Festival at Yunnan Safari Park