Cherie McLean

My daughter (18 yrs) and I were travelling in China in July 2012 for a month and volunteered at Bifengxia Panda Center for a day. It took us 2 hours by private car to get there from Chengdu and we spent the most wonderful day at the Centre. We looked after a Panda breeding enclosure with Ebu and Chengdu our pandas.

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We mucked out the outdoor area as well as their indoor sleeping and eating area. Break up the bamboo and replace it in the outdoor area. We got to cut up apples, carrots and “Panda cake” for their morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea and hand fed them with the trainer close by. What an amazing experience. Lots of photo opportunities.

We ate lunch with all the employees and spent about an hour when the park was closed over lunch watching the baby pandas play in the Kindergarten enclosure!

We would definitely go back for longer than a day next time!

Thank you for making this day one we will never forget.