China Trip Update – Kindergarten Cubs

Update from Director Suzanne Braden’s September 2013 Trip to China:

There are two Kindergarten yards at Bifengxia – one behind the nursery and another behind the Volunteer Office.  I was asked to identify the cubs in these two areas.

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Kindergarten behind Nursery

Yi Ran – (nicknamed “Dot” because she has a black spot on her head),twin to Yi Chan, Mom Shui Xiu

Yi Chang- twin to Yi Ran, Mom Shui Xiu

Zheng Zheng – twin to Hui Hui (in other Kindergarten), Mom Xi Mei

 Kindergarten behind the Volunteer office

Hui Hui – twin to Zheng Zheng,  Mom Xi Mei

Han Han –  Mom Ye Ye

Xin Yuan –  twin of Yuan Zin, Mom Long Xin

jia jia - web

 Other 1 year olds that do not reside in the Kindergarten:

Jia Jia , Hua Mei’s cub, is by herself off-exhibit at Bifengxia because she is much smaller than the other cubs.

Yuan Xin, the twin of Xin Yuan, is with Mom Long Xin at Hetaoping

Xue Xue, is also with Mother Si Xue at Hetaoping

Cubs and mothers in New Leopard Mountain at Bifengxia (in the Reintroduction Program) are monitored via camera in a central station.

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