China Trip Update – New Leopard Mountain

New Leopard Mountain New Leopard Mountain is now part of the reintroduction program  of CCRCGP

The enclosures on New Leopard Mountain are large and have a natural den type area.  Mothers in this area deliver their cubs in this natural setting without human intervention. The cubs exposure to humans is very limited. The cubs then become part of the group of potential cubs that could be released in to the wild.
While I was not able to see the actual moms or cubs in this area, as they are off limits to humans, I was able to see them on the bank of video monitors, which the keepers monitor constantly.

There are 6 pandas in this area, Xin Nier, Hai Zi, Shui Xiu, Xi Mei, Gong Zhu and Wun Jun, all 5 of the female pandas gave birth this year and all are doing well.

Hai Zi had twins on 6-22, one twin is with mom and one is in the nursery.

Xin Nier gave birth on 7-13

Xi Mei  gave birth on 7-24

Gong Zhu gave birth on 8-11

Shui Xiu gave birth on  8-12

Wun Jun, a male, is there for the same reason there are males at the New Breeding Center to get them accustomed to the scents and sounds of females.