China Trip Update – Old Breeding Center

From PI Director Suzanne Braden’s September 2013 Trip to China

The old breeding center is not actually a breeding center at all.  It is simply the how the area is referred to.  The area houses four pandas:  Lu Lu, Guo Guo, Qing Qing, and Ying Ping.

Lu Lu, a magnificent panda, is one of the largest males at the center, weighing about 300 lbs (135 kg)


Guo Guo, the panda that had to be rescued after the 2008 earthquake and the first to give birth after the earthquake, was indoors the day we visited trying to stay out of the rain.

Qing Qing was another panda rescued during the earthquake. She was in the wooden house, 1/2 of which was destroyed by falling boulders.  Qing Qing was a very large cub, with one of the longest gestation periods, so she was not with the other cubs that year as she was much larger than the rest of the cubs.


Ying Ping simply seemed content to be served bamboo on a regular schedule.