China Trip Update – US Born Pandas

Update from Director Suzanne Braden’s September 2013 Trip to China

Hua Mei, born in San Diego has had 9 cubs since returning to China, 8 of which have survived. After spending time at the Bifengxia panda base for several years, she is now at the Wolong-Hetaoping Reintroduction center. Hua Mei had a single male cub this year, which will be one of the cubs considered for reintroduction in a couple years.

Mei Sheng, born in San Diego has not fathered a cub yet, but is in the breeding program.  He is currently in the new breeding center.  Some male pandas are being placed in the breeding center among the females so they can begin to get the scents, smells and sounds of females for future breeding.

Su Lin, born in San Diego, had a cub in 2012. Su Lin is currently in a quiet enclosure.


Tai Shan, born in Washington D.C.  After being in the breeding center was moved to the hospital auxiliary to be under the watchful eyes of master keepers and senior veterinarians. He is doing well and is a good weight. Hopefully he can breed in the future.  You can read more about Tai Shan in the post dedicated to him:


Zhen Zhen also born in San Diego, is  in the new breeding center. Unfortunately,   Zhen Zhen had a still born cub in May, but is doing well now.

Mei Lan, born in Atlanta, is at the Chengdu Panda Base in a large enclosure, peacefully sleeping away most days.