Chloe Has a Panda Party and Raises $250 for the Pandas!

Chloe told her mom that she wanted a Panda Party for her 8th Birthday.  When her mom began doing some research on the internet, she found the Pandas International website and asked Chloe if she would like to raise money to save Giant Pandas in China. At first, Chloe admits, she didn’t  want to give up her presents for the pandas, but after her mom and dad explained how important it was and after she thought about how much stuff she already has, she decided it was a good idea.


The family printed invitations and asked people to donate money to “Save the Pandas” instead of buying Chloe a gift for her birthday.  They also made a sign that said “Pennies for Pandas” to put next to the Panda Bank at the party. They asked all the guests to wear black and white and they made panda masks so that everyone looked liked pandas! Mom and Chloe looked up facts about pandas that Chloe read while kids were making their masks.  They even had trivia questions to see who was listening.  They had lots of yummy Chinese food to eat since Giant Pandas live in China and all the desserts were black and white.  Chloe says it was so fun and she collected $250 to help the pandas. She also says, “Oh, and I still got some presents too!!!”

Thank you, Chloe for the amazing gift YOU gave to the pandas.