Christopher Proposes a Dress up Day to Save the Pandas


My name is Christopher. I am eight years old and live in Australia.  I think the Giant Panda is a wonderful animal and as I found out more about them, I wanted to know how I could help them.  I was discussing them with my father and we came to the idea of trying to raise money at school.  As I represent my Year 2 class on the School Representative Council (SRC) I was able to propose my idea directly to the SRC, and my idea was to have a black & white dress up day where students would make a small donation ($1 or $2) in a bid to help save Pandas.  Fortunately, I was able to persuade council members, and went about letting people know about the event with the aid of some posters and flyers that Pandas International had sent to me.  Our last day of school for the year was a successful dress up day and we raised more than A$600.

I’m so happy that I was able to help and am amazed that an 8-year-old can actually make a difference in the world!

Thank you Christopher for your dedication to helping save the Giant Panda.