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Pandas International wants to work with you and your class or organization studying the giant panda, the environment, endangered  and vulnerable species or China.

Most classes want to symbolically adopt a panda in order to feel they are participating in saving the pandas.

Some groups have done a “Pennies 4 Pandas” collection, others have found a business to sponsor the program. We will be happy to work with you on any ideas you might have. All funds help to save the panda. If you are not sure how much money you can raise or have questions in general, please contact us at

Any amount helps our efforts to save the panda so email us for additional details.

Basic Educational Kit

For a $ 25.00 sponsorship, Pandas International will provide the following for your classroom:

The basic education package consists of an e-mail link containing information about the giant pandas with sections: The Giant Panda, Panda Habitat, Panda Cubs, One-year-old Pandas, Adult Pandas, Food & Diet of the Giant Panda, Giant Panda Reserves in China, Reintroduction, and Legends of the Panda. The link will also contain a set of panda pictures. If you would like to purchase CD’s of the educational information and pictures you may add them to your order for an additional $2.00.

You will also receive a Panda Poster, a car magnet, a sponsorship certificate, periodic newsletters (via email), and panda stickers for each member of the class.

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DeluxeEducational Kit

For a $ 50.00 sponsorship, Pandas International will provide the following for your classroom:

The deluxe education package will include the basic education kit plus two DVDs on the Wolong Conservation & Research Center and Pandas International’s program with the Center.

You will also receive a panda postcard for each member of the class and the book, “Pandas’ Earthquake Escape,” a fictional story based on a real-life event. The educational material and Panda pictures will all be sent using a download link in order to help the environment. If you would still like to purchase cd’s of both, they can be added to your order for an additional $2.00

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The symbolic adoption program is between starts as low as a $25 donation and goes all the way up to $1,000. Each level includes a variety of gifts. Many classes and schools have reached the platinum adoption level allowing them to pick an actual panda in China to follow for a year. For more details please visit our  ADOPTION PAGE. 

We’d Love to Hear Your Story!

We would love to hear about the success of the program with your class or group and (with permission, of course) would like to feature your story on our blog and/or in our newsletter.  You can e-mail us at