El Camino High School’s Animal Club Helps the Pandas

El Camino High School’s Animal Club had a vision to help save beloved giant pandas from extinction. We were determined to raise funds in support of Pandas International, even if it meant one coin at a time. From there, we thought of the slogan–Pennies For Pandas. Our club members came together and made unique donation jars. We asked members to carry jars around schools and hopefully raise some funds from classmates and teachers. It was the perfect opportunity to talk about the cause and explain the critical situation pandas were facing. In addition we raised awareness through school posters and announcements. We were pleasantly surprised by the numerous support we received from our school community. In the end we counted over $200 . ECHS Animal Club is happy to help out Pandas International. One penny at a time.

Thank you to everyone at ECHS Animal Club for helping to save the Giant Pandas.

ECHS Animal Club