Ella and the Animal Savers Club

Hi! I’m Ella and my story has a basic beginning. I was at a gift shop in 2nd grade and purchased a panda and named it Pandy. After that I started reading about pandas and learning more about them.  They became my favorite animal when I was 8 years old.  My grandpa gave me a video about a Panda Reserve in China for my birthday and I knew they were endangered and I wanted to do something to help.

I started a club and we called it The Animal Savers Club. I asked my best friend Brianne to join and she did (she’s panda coo-coo to). The Animal Savers Club had begun! We recruited my other BFF Lauren, another friend Jamiah and my sister Addy. We had meetings once in awhile and talked about ways to earn money for our first animal which was the Giant Panda. I earned money by making and selling things to family members and asking for donations. I also donated some of my birthday money. Everyone contributed to help the pandas not just me.

Thank you Ella and the Animal Savers Club!

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