Evelyn is a Panda Protector

Evelyn had a panda birthday.  They set up a tent in a party room to act as reading room in their tower in Japan.They had balloons that were color coded to match bamboo and the cups were the same color, They served green tea and water, bamboo platters and serving utensils with Japanese panda snacks like chocolate and panda pocky. The guests received gift bags with panda stamps and Happy Birthday stamped on them with the items included from the panda party favors package from Pandas International. An old art easel sprayed black acted as a bamboo scene and they gave away some accessories that were Panda themed – some cute panda planters were the favorite – perfect for holding lucky bamboo. Evelyn proudly showed off her panda bedroom set as well.   She raised $89 to help the pandas. Thanks, Evelyn!

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