Grace Adopts a Panda

Grace’s love for the giant panda started when she was six and her passion for the panda has only grown.  Last year she read a book on the Giant Panda and found out they were endangered and was sincerely upset by this fact  so she decided to help save the Pandas anyway she could.  For Grace’s 8th Birthday we had a Panda Party and in lieu of gifts she took donations to help her achieve her dream of “adopting” a Panda.  We had our own stuffed panda adoption center, panda treats, fake snow and even a visit from a Panda.  Grace raised over $500 towards helping the Pandas and is excited to do her part in saving the Giant Panda. She will continue to help protect the Pandas anyway she can and dreams of going to China to volunteer with the Pandas.

Thank you Grace for your amazing dedication to helping to save the Giant Pandas.