Hadleigh’s Panda Story

Hadleigh is 8 years old and currently lives in Minnesota. She has a fierce love for pandas. She currently has at least 5 different panda stuffies (stuffed animals) all with their own name. Pandy, Japan, Pan Pan, and Chubby Chub just to name a few. She has panda books, panda bedsheets, panda shirts, panda dresses, panda socks, a panda purse, and panda earrings. This year she decided at her birthday party she wanted to raise money instead of getting gifts. She wants to help save them. Her mom looked online for an organization that works directly for pandas. We found Pandas International. Of course, we immediately ordered the Pennies for Pandas kit to have at her 8 th Birthday party. It was a success!

All of her friends brought money to give to the pandas. In total she raised $222. It was a cold day in February in Minnesota! So the girls enjoyed their time indoors at Skateville roller skating to celebrate her birthday. The only thing missing was a panda cake. Recently one of her dreams came true. She got to see a live panda at the Washington D.C. Zoo. Her dad took her and her sister on a whirlwind trip to see a panda. It was a surprise where they were going, and she definitely loved every minute of it.

Thank you Hadleigh for helping the giant pandas!