Happy Birthday Su Shan – and a special THANK YOU!

In January, we wrote about a very special honor bestowed upon our Director, Suzanne Braden, by CCRCGP – one of the 2011 cubs was named after her!   As a volunteer director of Pandas International for over 12 years, this was a truly special gift in recognition of Suzanne’s dedication (and all the time she has donated through the years) to saving the Giant Panda.

So we figured a perfect time to celebrate OUR Suzanne (she has no idea we’re doing this) was in conjunction with Su Shan’s birthday.  Her “little” girl isn’t so little anymore – but she is still just as cute.  Happy 2nd birthday, Su Shan and THANK YOU, Suzanne, for all that you have done and continue to do for our favorite bears!

SuShan (2)
Su ShanBD
SuShan BD