Honored to be Named “Favorite Panda Charity” for a 2nd year

Atlanta, GA January 17, 2014

Jeroen Jacobs announced the results of the Giant Panda Zoo Awards 2013, in a ceremony held at the Zoo Atlanta on Friday, January 17.  There were 10 categories for the voting including; Favorite Cub of the year, the Human of the year, Panda Moment of the Year and Favorite Panda Charity.

Mei Lun & Mei Huan of the Atlanta Zoo won for cubs of the year, since they are the first surviving twin cubs born in the US. The Human of the year was shared between Dr. Copper Aitken-Palmer and Dr. David Kersey for the artificial insemination of the cubs. Panda Moment of the Year was the reintroduction of Zhang Xiang into the wild.

Pandas International won Favorite Panda Charity for the second year in a row.  Suzanne Braden, Director of Pandas International, said “the organization is extremely honored to win this award again.  We would like to thank everyone who voted for Pandas International to achieve this recognition of our work.”

Pandas International was extremely pleased to see Dr. David Kersey win as he collaborates with Pandas International on endocrinology training.

Zhang Xiang’s win is also related to Pandas International as her tracking collar for monitoring her in the wild was provided by Pandas International, and her twin sister Su Shan is named after Director Suzanne Braden.

Pandas International’s mission is to ensure the preservation and propagation of the endangered Giant Panda by providing public awareness and education, support for research, habitat preservation and enhancement, and assistance to Giant Panda Centers.

Pandas International is a non-profit based in Littleton, CO. Braden noted that the award will increase awareness of the organization and the plight of the endangered Giant Pandas.

For winners in all categories go to Giant Panda Zoo’s web site –, which posts all things panda; news of Giant Pandas around the world, panda facts and history of the pandas.  Giant Panda Zoo contributes to increasing awareness of the Giant Panda in a significant way.

Jeroen Jacobs, founder of Giant Panda Zoo, celebrates 25 years of passion for pandas this year.

His Giant Panda story started when 2 Giant Pandas, Wan Wan & Xi Xi, visited his home town Antwerp in the summer of 1987. As so many people around the world, he became fascinated by these black and white bears on loan from China.