Jayne Helps the Pandas

My name is Jayne and I turned 11 years old in February of this year. Every year since I was 5 I have chosen to raise money to donate to animal charities for my birthday. Usually I have a collection jar at my birthday party and the invitation asks people to donate instead of giving me gifts. This year, because of Covid, I was not able to have a birthday party, but I knew I wanted to raise money for pandas.

I chose pandas because I know they are endangered, and no one wants to lose those sweet little orca bears from the world. 😊 The majority of the stuffed animals that I keep in my bed are pandas. My family loves pandas so much we all have panda stuffies.

Since I couldn’t have a party and send invitations asking for donations this year, I raised the money by reaching out to friends, family and family friends through email and asking them to donate money to Pandas International and The World Wildlife Foundation for my birthday. I also had my mom post about my birthday fundraiser on Facebook. I raised more money than I usually do and was able to give $150 to Pandas International.

I am so happy that Pandas International is working so hard to care for these wonderful animals. I hope more people will get involved and make sure that the pandas get all the help and support that they need.

Thank you Jayne for your dedication and help to save the giant pandas.