Josie is a Fabulous Panda Protector

Josie’s mom, Nancy went to Josie’s class and talked to the children about pandas and what they like to eat, and how they need our help. The kids asked lots of questions about bamboo and pandas in the wild and how they’re different from the pandas in the National Zoo (they don’t have their own zookeepers to give them bamboo for their meals), and Nancy told them that pennies can really help the pandas and the people who work with them grow the food in the wild that pandas love to eat.

Josie and her 3-4-year-old classmates went to the other two classes in her preschool (one younger class of 2-3 year olds and one older class of 4-5 year olds) and told them what they learned from Nancy. Along with the teachers, Josie and her classmates told the other children that we would be gathering pennies to send to the pandas and that they should ask their parents for help. The school director and the teachers decorated a big water jug (the kind that sits on water coolers) with pictures of pandas, bamboo, and the Pandas International logo, and wrote on it for parents and children to put their pennies there for the pandas. Nancy also wrote an email to all the parents asking for their help!

Josie – you are an amazing Panda Protector!