Julia Hosts a Lemonade Stand

My name is Julia and I’m 10 years old. I made a lemonade stand to help save the Pandas. I live in California and in May the weather is hot. I love pandas and I really wanted to make a lemonade stand to help save the pandas so I started planning what to do. Once everything was planned out, I chose a spot to do it and me and my family set it up. I was waiting for a customer and I always said to my brother “get ready we have a customer!” as a car went by. But then a car stopped and a man stepped out and he got 1 lemonade. As the time passed by we got a few more customers and I got more money. Once I was done I counted up the money. We made $24 from the lemonade stand and my mom donated $26 to go with the $24. So we have $50 to donate to the pandas.

Thank you Julia for helping the Pandas.