Larysa and Luca Help Save the Pandas

In September last year, as part of our Asian vacation, our family visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding and we instantly fell in love with the pandas.

When we returned home, we decided we wanted to contribute to the well-being of our new, favorite animal. Before our trip from home, we had started collecting all of our reading books (that we already read) with the intention of having a sale. Once we saw the pandas, we decided we would donate the proceeds of our sale to Pennies 4 Pandas. We are American but currently live in Saudi Arabia, on a compound on the eastern shore. In October, we advertised our charity sale to the residents of our camp and got a great turnout. Of the books that we did not sell at the sale, our mom continued to advertise on the community Facebook page. All but about 10 books ultimately got sold from over 400 books!

We raised $467.23 for the Giant Pandas!

-Luca and Larysa

Larysa and Luca