Lauren Raises Over $300!

lauren smith

Lauren has liked Panda Bears since she was 5.  She has so many Panda stuffed animals, panda jewelry, panda hats, socks, clothes…you name it, she has it!  When she was in 3rd grade (8 years old), she had to do a report and of course she decided on the Giant Panda.  She realized that they are endangered and wants to help save them.  So, for her 9th Birthday in July she decided she didn’t want Birthday presents.  Instead, she asked for everyone to donate to save the Giant Pandas.  Her family and friends gladly donated to the Panda fund as well as giving her personal money that she had received.  Also, her summer book club brought money from their allowances and piggy banks to help support the fund.  With all of that, she was able to raise $365!

Lauren plans to continue collecting money to save the Pandas.  She has her collection Panda bank out that she adds to everyday.  Her goal one day is to go to China to help in the process of saving the Pandas in hopes that day they’ll be removed from  the endangered list.
Thank you Lauren for your dedication to helping save the Giant Pandas.