Lili Hosts a Bake Sale to Help the Pandas

Lili is nine years old and loves Pandas, and although she has yet to see one in real life her dream is to adopt one when she gets older. When she heard that she could be a Panda Protector and help raise money for them through Pandas International she jumped at the chance. She made cupcakes and brownies to sell at the local fireworks display and even though it was a warm day (around 34c – 94f) and around half of her inventory which she had stayed up making the night before melted in the heat she managed to sell out of her remaining stock. She hopes to continue to raise money for the pandas and is working on her next venture (using her gardening skills to raise money). She lives by her own manta “Pandas forever, extinction never” ​​​​​​​​​​

Thank you Lili for your dedication to the Giant Pandas.