Lucy Raises over $200 for the Pandas!

In Lucy’s own words:


??? My name is Lucy. I’m 10 years old and I’m in fourth grade. I’m completely obsessed with pandas so when my mom told me that pandas are endangered I was super sad. But when my mom said that I can do something called Pennies 4 Pandas where I get donations and send them in to Pandas International I was very happy. I did a presentation for my class and put boxes in each class room that kids could put their donations in. I asked all my friends and family to donate. I even asked my mom’s book club to donate. At my birthday party instead of gifts I asked for donations (some people brought donations AND gave me a gift).  After around 3 weeks my Pennies 4 Pandas days were over so my mom and I took the money to the bank and got a check. Over all I collected $205.76. I was super happy that the money I worked hard to earn is going to one of my most favorite things in the world – pandas!!!!!!???
Lucy – we think you are a super fantastic Panda Protector!  Thank you for helping the Pandas!

Lucy McLoughlin
Lucy McLoughlin2
Lucy McLoughlin3