Mary Elizabeth, Sarah and Sophie Help the Pandas

Last year, I sold panda key chains in my neighborhood to raise money for pandas. This year, I crocheted panda hats and made panda cupcakes. My friends Sarah and Sophie helped me at my stand this year. Sarah and Sophie are adopted sisters from China so I think it’s neat that they wanted to help, because China is the natural habitat of the Giant Panda!
We made chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting, Oreo ears, and chocolate chip eyes. My panda hats were made with cream-colored yarn with black pom-pom ears. We sold 21 cupcakes and 11 hats. This year we raised $125 for the pandas. I am very grateful to Sarah,Sophie,their mom, and my mom for helping me decorate and sell cupcakes. I want to help the pandas, who are, thankfully, no longer endangered, but still need our help. I hope the money we raised helps the pandas and I hope to do more fundraisers in the future!

Thank you Mary Elizabeth for helping us for two years in a row and thank you to Sarah and Sophie for helping this year!