Meet the 2013 Panda Cubs by Name

We are always so excited when we find out the names of the previous years cubs – this year was no exception!  So, here they are:

Mother Date of Birth Gender Name of Cub Meaning
Hai Zi June 22, 2013 Female Xin Xin   鑫鑫 a lot of gold, prosperous
Hai Zi June 22, 2013 Female Miao Miao 淼淼 vast water
Cao Cao July 6, 2013 Female Hua Jiao 华娇 tender, pretty and lovely girl of China
Cao Cao July 6, 2013 Male Hua Hu 华虎 Tiger of China
Xi Xi July 10, 2013 Male Hua Bao 华豹 Leopard of China
Xin Nier July 13, 2013 Female Hua Ni 华妮 Little girl of China
Hua Mei July 18, 2013 Male Hua Rong 华荣 Honor of China
Xi Mei July 24, 2014 Female Xi Le 喜乐 Happy and happy
Zhuang Mei August 5, 2013 Male Xing Ya 星雅 *Star Ya
Zhuang Mei August 5, 2013 Female Xing An 星安 *Star An
Gong Zhu August 11, 2013 Female Wu Wen 武雯 Flower shape cloud
Shui Xiu August 12, 2013 Male Hua Yang 华阳 Sun of China
Ye Ye August 14, 2013 Female Hua Yan 华妍 Beauty of China
Feng Yi August 18, 2013 Male Gong Gong 贡贡 tribute, present, gift
Na Na August 27, 2013 Male Shun Shun 舜舜 name of an ancient empera
Ying Ying August 29, 2013 Male Sen Sen 森森 Forest
Ge Ge September 2, 2013 Female Hua Li 华丽 good looking girl of China

* Ya and An together is Ya’an, name of the city

Cubs in blue have been lifetime adopted.  All others are available for adoption.  To learn more about adopting a panda visit our ADOPTION PAGE.