Montessori School of Denver Raises $500


Classroom 11 chose to help Pandas International as the classroom service learning “Do Good” project. 

Students baked cookies, muffins, cupcakes, rice crispy treats, and brownies to help support the bake sale.  We also had students make homemade soaps, various jewelry (bracelets and earrings), bookmarks, and magnets to share their artistic talents and donate to the gift shop.  

Even the rain couldn’t stop us! Due to the inclement weather, we had to move our location to a indoor place last minute.  We were worried that people wouldn’t find us, but we were packed in our classroom with so many customers.  The students were working so hard to fulfill their responsibility as cashier, seller, and marketing promoter.  We were proud to announce that Classroom 11 has raised $500 from our bake sale and gift shop to donate to Pandas International.  

Thank you classroom 11 for your hard work and very generous donation!