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Pandas Around the World
Wild Giant Pandas Spotted

Wild giant panda
June 2, 2011
"Our host opened the locked gate and we crossed a rudimentary bridge and proceeded up a side canyon that quickly took on the primeval. The walls were near vertical, plastered with greenery, and the stream very steep. I hustled on up ahead and broke into a run.

Running out of trail after about 2 miles, I worked my way up a different side canyon in a dry creek bed for another 2 miles. As my conscience about keeping my colleagues waiting started to overcome my desire to keep exploring a landscape like none I had ever seen before — bamboo, huge trees, massive boulders, waterfalls dripping moss and fern — I slowed down.

And then I heard the oddest sounds. "Baaaaa. Baaaaa." And some popping noises. I don't know the birds of China well enough to identify by sound, so I stopped and looked up for a while. It continued and I could tell it was coming from one side of the canyon and was being answered from the other. Then I thought it might be a monkey — I'm a lawyer by training, so I don't know their sounds either (though some would say lawyers are equally less evolved...). I kept listening and the sounds continued. I made my way up the creek and around a corner slowly, stopping and watching every so often.

Finally the "baaing" stopped. I climbed up onto a boulder to get a better view. Around 40 meters away I saw two pandas running up the steep slope away from me — and some movement in some nearby bushes that indicated a third.

I watched them until they disappeared into the dense brush — only about 5 seconds. I was stunned. At the time, I didn't realize how special it was to see these animals this way, and I also wasn't really sure what they would do to me if threatened. I have spent a lot of time around grizzlies in Wyoming and Montana, so was thinking that going forward to investigate might not be a great idea. But after a few minutes I couldn't resist and hacked my way through the bamboo to where I had seen them in hopes of finding some evidence. I found lots of footprints and took a few pictures."
Dong Dong Passes Away
June 3, 2011

Dong Dong
Dong Dong, born in 1984, passed away from old age on Sunday. She was the very first Giant Panda mother at Wolong Breeding Center and her first cub, Bai Yun, was moved to San Diego in 1996. In her entire life span, she gave birth to 8 cubs. Dong Dong passed away at the Panyu Xiangjiang Wild Animal World in Guangzhou.
Wild Panda Goes Through Surgery
Song Ya, a wild Giant Panda, was rescued on April 23 in Songpan County. She was immediately transferred to Bifengxia Panda Base on April 24 for more treatment. She was slowly nursed back to health but then on May 28 veterinarians discovered she had lost her appetite and was producing a mucous excretion. On June 2, a laparotomy surgery was performed as she was diagnosed with an intestinal obstruction. Song Ya is slowly making a recovery as she is beginning to eat more and gaining weight again. The veterinarians at Bifengxia have done a remarkable job of helping to save Song Ya.
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Panda Protectors

Pulaski Elementary School
Thank you to Pulaski Elementary School in Delaware for all your help in raising money for Pandas International's program Pennies 4 Pandas. The Giant Pandas appreciate all your hard work.

High School Graduation Project
High school graduation project helps to raise money for our Pennies 4 Pandas program. Thank you AP for all of your wonderful help.
Videos and Pictures
Adorable pictures of Kai Hin and Yun Hin, 9 month old Giant Pandas, who were born at Adventure World Shirahama in Japan last year.

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