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China's Giant Pandas
Three Years On, Giant Panda Center Recovers from Quake
April 20, 2011
Three years ago in May 2008, a devastating earthquake completely ruined the Giant Panda Center in the Wolong Reserve. The Giant Pandas which were currently living there were immediately moved to zoos around China and to the Bifengxia Giant Panda Center in Ya'an, China. Four weeks ago, ground broke for the building of the new Giant Panda Center in Wolong Nature Reserve. The new center is located in the Shenshuping area of Gengda Township, some 22 kilometers northeast of its previous location. "We selected Shenshuping because its geological structure is stable and safe. The flat area there is large enough to build the breeding center and panda dorms, while its slopes are vast but steep, making it a suitable place to carry out training for the bears," Zhang Hemin, director of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) told Xinhua New Service. "Most importantly of all, it's the safest place we've been able to find for the Giant Pandas to live."
Giant Panda Programs to Address Risks of Inbreeding
April 15, 2011
In the last 20 years, China has been extremely successful in breeding Giant Pandas in captivity. However, because of this the veterinarians in China are concerned with inbreeding. "We will shortlist fewer Giant Pandas for breeding. These handpicked Giant Pandas are the least closely related, which will improve the quality and genetic diversity of the population in captivity," said Zhang Hemin, director of the Wolong China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Southwest China's Sichuan Province. The new breeding program was implemented this spring.
Giant Pandas Survive Heavy Snowfall Field Test
April 1, 2011
After heavy amounts of snow at the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center in China, all 5 Giant Pandas were accounted for and doing well. Over 30 cm of snow fell quickly causing power outages and damaging bamboo. The staff quickly rushed to all of the Giant Panda enclosures to make sure everyone was okay. Due to the depth of the snow, it took up to an hour for some of the staff to reach the enclosures. Due to lack of electricity, buckets of water had to be carried into the enclosures. At the end of the day no staff had been injured and all of the Giant Pandas including Cao Cao and her cub were fine. They had all faced their first major storm in the wild and passed the test.
Wild Giant Panda Rescued in Village of Aba Prefecture and Sent to Research Center for Treatment
April 25, 2011
Around 9:00 a.m. on Apr 22, villager Yan Dejin of Fenghe Village, Songpan County was about to go uphill to grow rhubarb as usual. When he arrived at Laoying (Glede) Hill of Chengzi Gully, he was surprised to find a giant panda moving slowly and inhaling with difficulty. Then he reported to the Forestry Bureau of Songpan County. The rescue took 10 hours to get the Giant Panda down the hill and he was immediately sent to the China Giant Panda-Protection and Research Center for treatment. He was determined to be dehydrated and did not look like he had eaten any food in a while. The Giant Panda now resides at the China Panda-Protection Research Center and is doing much better.
GuocoLand China Adopts Baby Giant Panda For Lifetime
April 12, 2011
GuocoLand, an award winning developer in Asia, is showing its care for endangered species by adopting its first baby Giant Panda. GLC donated 600,000 Yuan which will help to protect the Giant Panda, nursing, and breeding research programs. GLC named the baby Giant Panda Hao Hao which was derived from the name of "GuocoLand' in Chinese. The 8 month old Giant Panda Hao Hao whose mother, Mei Qing, was a survivor of the Sichuan earthquake in 2008 and is now living in Bifengxia.
Pandas Mobbed by Fans in Disaster-Hit Japan
March 30, 2011
Two Giant Pandas which arrived in Japan in February are finally on display for the public at the Ueno Zoo. Bi Li and Xian Nu caused a frenzy when they arrived earlier this year and were supposed to go on display March 22. A 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami hit Japan on March 11 causing rolling blackouts and a radiation scare which closed the zoo. The zoo is now back open but its hours are much shorter in order to continue to help save electricity. On Friday morning in Japan almost 3,000 people had already lined up eagerly awaiting their chance to catch a glimpse of the Giant Pandas.
Japan Updates
Pandas Unlimited member Atsuko Yamamoto has contacted the Ueno Zoo and asked about the bamboo which the Giant Pandas eat in Japan. Bi Li and Xian Nu eat the bamboo harvested in Shizuoka Prefecture. The bamboo that they eat is not influenced by the nuclear power plant because Shizuoka is far away from Fukushima. Thank you Atsuko for keeping us updated on our Japanese Pandas.
Gao Gao and Bai Yun Mate
San Diego's beloved Giant Panda couple mated last week. Zoo officials have hopes that they will produce a 5th offspring this fall.

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"The Three Pandas" iPad App Released
See Here Studios has teamed with Pandas International releasing a brand new story called “The Three Pandas.” The story is a like the three little bears except with Panda Bears. A portion of the app proceeds will be donated to Pandas International.
Kid's Corner
Aspen Creek Helps the Giant Panda
Congratulations to Aspen Creek Elementary's 2nd graders for a job well done during their Pennies 4 Pandas campaign. Recently the Boulder Valley School District in Boulder, Colorado implemented a unit on China for all 2nd graders. Aspen Creek thought that in addition to learning about China, they would try to help the wildlife in China and chose the Giant Panda. They were able to raise $624.84 in just one week! Pandas International appreciates all of your hard work.
Pennies for Pandas Fundraiser Used to Adopt a Giant Panda
Central Boulevard Elementary School in Bethpage, New York has raised over $864 this year during their Pennies 4 Pandas Campaign. Using their money, they have adopted “Penny” the Giant Panda in China. All of their money will go to help care for “Penny” as well as all of the other Giant Pandas. Congratulations Central Blvd and thank you for helping Pandas International.
Tilly Helps the Giant Pandas
For her challenge Tilly skipped for 15 minutes doing a variety of tricks such as crossovers, double unders, speed steps and a razzle dazzle finale. She completed this at her local skipping club, The Seer Green Skippers, in Seer Green Buckinghamshire. She collected many of the sponsors herself with a little help from her dad and mom. It was Tilly's idea to do this because she wanted to help the Giant Pandas. At the end of her fundraiser, Tilly had raised over $250 to help sponsor a Giant Panda in China.

Tilly says - "I love pandas. They are one of my favorite animals and I really wanted to try and save them from being extinct. Because I love them, I chose to do skipping as I love to do skipping and tricks. It was very tiring but I managed to do it. These are for the pandas – xxxxkisses and oooohugs."
Village School Continues Giant Panda Adoption for a Record 5th Straight Year
The Village School in Pacific Palisades, California has adopted Tong Tong again this year. The kindergartners at Village School are responsible every year for holding an annual bake sale in order to raise money to continue their adoption. They are the only school Pandas International knows of that has successfully continued an adoption every year since they started in 2007. Congratulations Village School and keep up all of your hard work.
Pictures and Videos
Shuan Shuan from the
Guadalajara Zoo in Mexico

Wolong Vets in Action
Tai Shan
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China Tours
Two trips have been arranged to China for September of this year. Access China Tours (ACT) and Kim’s World Travel have both set up tours and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Giant Pandas at the Bifengxia Reserve.
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