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Pandas Around the World
Yuan Zi and Huan Huan
Arrive in France
Check out Jerome Pouille’s article about how Yuan Zi and Huan Huan arrived in France.
Giant Pandas Return to Calgary
Singapore Zoo to Welcome Pandas in September


Kai Kai and Jia Jia have plans to arrive in Singapore sometime around September. This date is six months later than originally planned. However, there is no rush since the area in which they will be housed is still being renovated and won’t be open to the public until possibly November.  The pair of Giant Pandas will need about a month in quarantine and then will be released into their new enclosure to explore and become familiar with their new surroundings before they are put on display. Singapore will become the 8th country to house Giant Pandas.

Fu Fu Arrives in Chengdu
By Lovecatbear

Yesterday (Feb. 16) at 5:00 p.m., after a five-hour flight, panda Fu Fu arrived in Chengdu. He was taken to the Chengdu panda base by staff members of the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) and the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Before participating in this year's breeding program, Fu Fu had to go through physical examinations, quarantine, etc.

Under an arrangement made by the State Forestry Administration (SFA) and the Sichuan Forestry Department, the CCRCGP and Chengdu Panda Base began a long-term panda exchange program to boost genetic diversity, according to Huang Zhi, head of the animal management and husbandry department of the CCRCGP. As Fu Fu is a Wolong panda, he is now an exchanged panda at Chengdu base. "In other words, this panda will stay at Chengdu base for a long time to participate in Chengdu base's breeding program," said Mr. Huang.

Fu Fu is the first exchanged panda this year. Then there will be more panda exchanges, but whether these pandas will come from zoos (pandas on loan from the CCRCGP) or from Bifengxia Panda Base of the CCRCGP depends on factors such as the calculation of genetic contributions.

According to Mr. Yuan, an official at Chengdu Base, after his arrival at the base, Fu Fu had to go through physical examinations, quarantine, etc. After all these processes and if Fu Fu adapts well to the new environment, he will participate in the breeding program.

USA Pandas
Breeding Time at the San Diego Zoo

Check out Suzanne Hall's blog about Bai Yun and Gao Gao.

Po Can Stay with Lun Lun Until He Turns Two and a Half

Zoo Atlanta has announced that Po will not be weaned until he turns two and a half unless Lun Lun decides herself to wean him earlier.  Click on the link to see the whole blog from Zoo Atlanta.

Panda Protectors
Happy Birthday Mirella

At Pandas International we’re constantly amazed by the generosity and passion of our supporters. And we’re especially amazed when our supporter is only 10 years old like Mirella Roberts.

We were so happy when Mirella contacted us to share her goal of raising $1,400.00 to adopt Tao Tao for her 11th birthday on April 8th (Easter Sunday). We should say re-connected with us because when Mirella was only six years old she raised enough money to adopt Tao Tao for two years! She is now once again working hard to make her birthday wish a reality. Mirella sent out 200 letters to family and friends, put out her panda bank at her school, and even set up a fundraising page at FirstGiving. To read Mirella’s story and help her make her birthday wish come true, please visit her FirstGiving page.

Happy Birthday Ari


Ari's Cake

Ari held her 8th birthday party in December and had a wonderful Panda Party.  Ari asked her friends to participate in her birthday by donating money to Pandas International instead of giving gifts.  Due to the generosity of Ari’s friends and family, she was able to raise $1,000.00 for the Giant Pandas.  She did an amazing job of collecting donations and Pandas International is extremely thankful for young supporters like Ari.

Happy Birthday Magda


Check out this amazing blog about Magda’s Panda Birthday and how she helped raised money for Pandas International.

Happy Birthday Casey

Casey's Panda Cake

Casey had a Panda Birthday last November and was able to raise $120.00 for the Giant Pandas.  The birthday guests made panda masks and celebrated with a wonderful Panda Cake.  Thank you to Casey and all her friends for helping to make a difference for the Giant Pandas!

Bradbury School Raises Over $400

The year 2 students at Bradbury School in Hong Kong recently studied local creatures and their habitats.  The Giant Pandas happen to be one of their local creatures so the students decided to take action and held a Panda Awareness Day to educate the rest of their school about the Giant Pandas plight.  They dressed up as Giant Pandas, made cookies, and masks and collected coins.  They were able to raise enough money to help feed a Giant Panda for well over a month.  Thank you to Bradbury school for helping out the Giant Pandas! 

Panda Videos and Pictures
Giant Pandas Make their Debut in France Explore’s Live Webcams of the Giant Pandas in China
Tai Shan Pictures Pictures of Su Lin and her Cub in the Wild Enclosure at Bifengxia
Check out Cherie Leighton Goodwin's
new website.
Cherie has been a huge supporter of Pandas International and has donated wonderful quilts and handbags to help support the Giant Pandas.
Last Chance to Order ...
... The Easter Bunny Has Delivered Easter Pails
with a Panda and Eggs With Surprises!
For your minimum donation of $ 18.00, you will receive an Easter pail with an adorable panda. 
The bear is a new 6” collectable Bearington Bear from the Stout Sprouts Collection.
The panda, named Ping Pong, makes a panda sound when you press his paw,
a feature sure to delight the little ones. 

Also included are two Easter eggs with a surprise inside:
a panda bookmark, panda postcard and an Easter Card. 

We are happy to drop ship for you to your special panda lover. 

(Pail colors are an assortment of purple, pink or blue)
How To Order:
Check out two amazing tours to China this September
Coming soon….
Pandas International’s
1st Annual Spring Online Auction!

Starting on Monday, April 16th
Pandas International will begin our 1st online auction.  Take a peek below at some of the fabulous items we will be auctioning off. 
If you wish to donate to the auction
please e-mail
or call us at 303-933-2365. 

All donations can be mailed to:
Pandas International
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Littleton, CO 80162

All proceeds will benefit the Giant Pandas. 

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