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Tai Shan's Birthday Celebration

Tai Shan's 7th birthday Celebration in Washington DC
Pandas International director, Suzanne Braden, traveled to Washington D.C. to join in the birthday celebration for the D.C. Rock Star and Panda Ambassador, Tai Shan. Better known as "Butterstick," he celebrated in style with a 5 layered fruitside cake with an apple on top which he of course ate first! Birthday events on July 7th began with a morning visit to see Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, the proud parents.  Lunch was hosted at the Zoo bar and attendees signed a birthday banner which will be delivered to Tai in China. In the evening, dinner was at the Hard Rock Cafe with a special Hard Rock Pin honoring Tai, Mei and Tian (pins are still available but in limited supply). If you would like to purchase a pin please e-mail us.

Happy 7th Birthday, Tai Shan!
Suzanne also went to D.C. for a special announcement of a new partnership with and a new web cam featuring Tai Shan., the philanthropic media organization and a division of the Annenberg Foundation, has teamed with Pandas International and the China Conservation Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP) to launch a $500,000 challenge grant to bring bamboo back to critical areas devastated by a string of mudslides, earthquakes and flooding. The terms are simple- for everyone who “likes” or shares Tai Shan's new live stream, one dollar will be donated to replanting a field that will feed both Giant Pandas at CCRGP and possibly some of the few remaining wild Pandas left in China's mountains.

It was great fun meeting many of the Panda supporters in person. Thanks to everyone who attended the birthday party and a very special thank you to Karen Wille who put a great deal of time and effort in organizing such a wonderful event.
In Memoriam: James "Jim" Wille
One sad note from the weekend was the unexpected Stroke on Saturday of Karen Wille's father, Jim Wille. James Edward Wille was born on September 14th, 1928 to Clarence and Margaret Wille in Milwaukee, WI and was an only child. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and from the Naval Post Graduate School with an M.S. in Electronics Engineering. He married Katherine Gleeson in 1953 and had 4 children: Karen, Jim, Betsy and Doug. Katherine passed away in 1993 and Jim married Virginia Seymour in 1994. Jim served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years and retired as a Commander. His last tour of duty was Project Manager, AN/BQQ-2 Sonar Project (PMS385), and Naval Ship Systems Command during which he was awarded the Navy Commendation Medal. After retiring from the Navy, Jim worked as a defense contractor, continuing to support U.S. Navy Submarine Advanced Combat System Programs.

Xi Mei gives birth to twins
Xi Mei Gives Birth to Twins
Xi Mei gave birth to the first set of twins and first Pandas in China this year on July 11th at Bifengxia. One of the babies has been identified as a female and the other baby's gender is still unknown. Xi Mei mated with Lu Lu back in March of this year.

Shui Xiu gives birth to twins
Shui Xiu Gives Birth to Twins
Shui Xiu gave birth to Panda twins on July 24, 2012. She is a wild born Panda who was rescued in March of 2008. Shui Xiu mated with another wild born Panda, Yi Bao, in March of this year. One of the cubs is a female; the gender of the second cub has not been identified.

Guo Guo gives birth to a single cub
Guo Guo Gives Birth to Single Panda Cub
Guo Guo gave birth to a Panda cub on July 23, 2012. This is Guo Guo's 5th time being a mother. She mated successfully with Lu Lu this past March. The gender of Guo Guo's latest cub is still unknown. Her most recent twin cubs, Yao Man and Yao Xin, are now 3 years of age.

Bai Yun giving birth (on monitor at right)
Bai Yun Gives Birth to 6th Panda Cub
San Deigo Zoo's own Bai Yun gave birth to her 6th Panda Cub Sunday afternoon around 2 pm. She mated with Gao Gao earlier in the year and after a 2 hour labor, a new cub was born. Bai Yun tied the record for being the oldest Panda to give birth and broke the record for the most surviving births at a breeding facility outside of China. The gender of the cub will not be known for several months.
New Home for the Wild Kid “Tao Tao"
Article written by Huang Yan (Head Research Scientist) and translated by Weiyi Zhang

Tao Tao and Cao Cao
The giant panda "Tao Tao" has become a true wild kid now. Since his birth (Aug, 3, 2008), he's been living with his mom in the wild environment. He has never eaten any artificial food, nor ever lived in an enclosure. Even when he was still a baby, he experienced strong sun shine, heavy rain, floods and snow disasters.

When he was very young, when his hair was not grown in and he did not even open eyes, it rained in Wolong every day. I still remember clearly that in the evening of Sept. 5, 2010, when it rained cats and dog, I was on duty with Wu Daifu, Liu Dian, Deng Linhua and Xie Hao. We were in the monitoring room, seeing heavy rain pouring on the bodies of "Cao Cao" and "Tao Tao.". "Tao Tao" was only one month old, lying in mom's arms. Although mom "Cao Cao" had been lowering her head to protect "Tao Tao" from the rain, he still got wet all over. "Tao Tao" who usually slept peacefully moved constantly and did not want to sleep. We felt that he must be very uncomfortable.

When we saw "Tao Tao" restless, we all worried very much. Thinking that the baby pandas in the kindergarten usually caught cold when they got wet, we worried very much about "Tao Tao", afraid that he would catch cold and get sick. However, we controlled ourselves and did not interfere because this was real wild training in Wolong. Only letting him experience hardship, he will have more of a chance of survival in the future after reintroduction. We spent the whole night in the monitoring room observing, listening to the big sounds from land collapsing and rising water.

In May 2012, "Tao Tao" had grown to a real wild kid. He had finished the 1st and 2nd phases of training and started the 3rd phase training. The area for the 3rd phase training is even larger, covering the size of 34 soccer fields. In the wild training area, the area is mainly distributed with Stick Bamboo and Short Taper Jade Mountain Bamboo, two species of bamboos that are main food sources for the Panda. The Stick Bamboo occupies an area of more than 95%. There are also various other plants, mainly deciduous broad-leaved forest. It is one of the major habitats for the Panda. There are also many other accompany animals including fierce wild boar and also wild Pandas. The wild kid "Tao Tao" is now over 20 months old. He has grown up. He can pick up and eat wild bamboo himself, search for water sources, and is gradually expanding his moving area. He climbs up and down trees freely. But his courage is getting smaller and smaller (meaning he is getting more and more cautious and has more chances to survive as a wild animal). When he hears an unfamiliar sound, he immediately climbs up and hides in a big tree. I feel very happy when I see such behaviors that only wild Pandas have. The effort made by our reintroduction team in the past two years after we went back to the Wolong disaster area is really worthwhile.
Pandas Around the World
Ueno Zoo's Panda Chief Passes Away
Shiro Nakagawa was a lover of all animals, especially the Pandas. He earned a degree in veterinary medicine and began working part-time at the Ueno Zoo. Eventually he became a full time employee and showed his loved for all of the animals. Nakagawa was known as the “Panda Kacho” and was 81.
Panda Protectors
Lemonade Stand

Iain and Austin
Iain, 6 and his little brother, Austin, 4, have been very concerned about the fate of the Pandas. Iain, who just started reading on his own, picked up a kid's book on Pandas and was very upset to learn there were only 1600 left in the wild. He asked how he could help the Pandas and found out Pandas International helps the Pandas in China. Iain and his mother than ordered a Pennies 4 Pandas kit. Iain and Austin held their first Lemonade stand a few weeks ago and raised over $75.00 for Pennies 4 Pandas! Thank you boys for helping out the Pandas.
Mirella Adopts Tao Tao for 3 Years
In our April newsletter we told you about Mirella Roberts, then 10 years old, and her goal to help Pandas by raising $1,400 to adopt the panda Tao Tao for her 11th birthday. Well, we wanted to give you an update on Mirella and her incredible success in reaching her goal, and then some. By using social media such as a FirstGiving fundraising page and Facebook, sending out 200 letters to friends and family, and setting out a panda bank at her school, Mirella raised over $2,000 to adopt Tao Tao for three years! She even started a Panda Club and raised over $100 after her adoption was complete. Way to go Mirella! Thank you from all of us at Pandas International. Your hard work is now helping to feed and care for the Pandas at the Bifengxia Reserve.
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Mud Pies and Tiaras
Check out a great blog about Pandas International and register to win a free t-shirt.
Panda Videos and Pictures
Qian Qian's Departure and Arrival
Qian Qian has left the Yunnan Wildlife Park and has been taken to the Bifengxia Panda Reserve. Qian Qian was one of many Pandas who were evacuated after the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008. Qian Qian will take some time to adapt to the environment at Bifengxia. Qian Qian is the first of the evacuated Pandas to move home and will be relocated to Wolong in September once Wolong is open.
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Dragon Boat Festival 2012
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